Mid-Fink Blues Anyone?

I'm a fairly optimistic, motivated sort of a bloke - and not after any namby-pamby hand-holding but just wondered if others feel/have felt the same image

Have done HIM's last few years, and followed the Intermediate Fink plan for weeks 1-10 to build a base, then modified weeks 11-22 or so prior to the race. This year am 'going long' for the first time - and now in week 14 in preparation for Forestman (which doesn't have its own thread image).

Base period went well, and sticking to the plan at the moment in the build phase. But am now starting each session with a feeling that may not get all the way through it! However after 30-40mins feel ok and finish the job feeling strong and as if I could go a bit further after all. This all starts again the next day.

Am hoping this is just normal as this volume of training is something I haven't done before, and fingers crossed it is a good sign that don't finish each session completely spent?

Just thought it might be useful for long-distance virgins like me to know how you experts feel during the middle of training plans... the next few weeks look similar volumes so I guess your body gets used to it before upping things again in the peak phase?


  • it's a pretty normal reaction - it's a mix of boredom, possible overtraining, and just seeming that the task is too big.

    sounds like it's time to take a break or adjust your sessions to provide stimulus

    do you take step back/rest weeks where you cut back the volume??  they can help

    I found taking a complete week's break would help me - I always mix in skiing in winter (at least one, usually 2 weeks per season) which gives a different focus but still keep you active and fit.

    perhaps change the training days around??  look at the week's plan and swap things around so at least you're still doing the same volume but on different days.

    have some sessions without a focus.  ditch the watch/HRM/Garmin etc and just go out and swim, bike or run for the sheer hell of it.

    if you have a MTB, ditch the road session for an off-road session.  same for the run - get off road.


  • Its perfectly normal and this is where mental toughness of getting out and getting it done comes into play i now do a lot less training for IM 8 weeks of each phase and every 4 weeks is a cutback where i knock the volume by at least 50% but supplement it with something different like some hiking or mountain biking
  • Thanks both of you - lots of sound ideas written from experience!

    Didn't mean to sound too down/bored in the original post - I am still enjoying all the sessions, had a great 3.5h ride yesterday in the SUNSHINE and for a perfect 10k in the middle of it I was Bradley Wiggins and set a new TT world record on a beautifully, unexpectedly smooth piece of tarmac until my world (and left shoulder) were shattered by a pothole the size of Wales.

    But I think 'the task just seeming too big' may be playing a part as I got round to actually entering the event last week and that has made things feel slightly more serious now...

    I take a recovery week every fourth week, and make sure I have a full day off training every week - may well take your combined advice and switch third ride this week to a mtb tomorrow and just enjoy Cannock Chase or Wyre forest! Local 10k xc race on Sunday too which is a really nice route.

  • Hi, is it because you are bored or am I sensing that it is the volume that is getting to you leaving you tired??

    If it is the boredom then it will be hard to get over except just to look forward and count the weeks off as they go or try and get someone else involved on the longer runs/rides. I did all my long stuff on my own and it is hard mentally but that will help you on race day. I occasionally cycled with others who I met on the road and that eased things a bit. Longer runs ( 3 hours plus ) didn't faze me at all. Just keep putting one foot infront of the other!! I found it hard nearer the end of the program when the longer bikes started. I was up for Enduroman at the start of June and having cycled over the winter was looking for some better weather. Fitting rides around shift work is OK but if the weather is poor, as it seemed to be end April/early May last year, then it was mentally tough.

    If you seem tired then maybe look at the intensity rather than volume of what you are doing/ have been doing in the last few weeks. Remember early on the sessions are relatively short and it can be easy to get carried away with trying to do a 3 to 3 1/2 hour ride at the same intensity as a 1 to 1 1/2 earlier in the plan. Are you fuelling well and hydrating during and after sessions? Have you got a good stretching program in place?

    There is a lot to look at and I hope you find some answers to help you on the way for the next few months. It is a great feeling to finish but you must get to the start line in good shape, uninjured and most definately not overtrained image

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you are West Mids but if you are East side of Brum we are doing 70 miles straight through at 9am this Saturday - start is at  DE22 2AT - 3 groups, one fast, one slower and one doing half the distance.    

    If I were you I'd hook up with something similar where you live - group rides go that much faster and it's nice to ride with others occasionally.   

  • chilliboy70 wrote (see)

    Hi, is it because you are bored or am I sensing that it is the volume that is getting to you leaving you tired?

    I don't think I am bored - and maybe the title of the thread was a little misleading?!? I am really enjoying the training, and having a really good crack at what has been a long-term ambition for me. The volume, and the consistency, is something I have not been able to achieve before though.

    The overwhelming advice from all of you seems to be mix things up a bit - so will take that on board.

    Popsider - I have already done my long ride this week, but thanks for the info. Have a local bike club who ride out on Sunday mornings, but this is often not a good time for me. But think you are right that riding with others on occassions might add something different.

    Cheers all!

  • When I was training consistently last year, I found the first 15 mins pretty hard, then I settled down and the rest of the session got easier. This was especially true on the run, and in the pool.

    I found i got over it as I got fitter.

    That sounds really similar to you.

    If you just feel 'empty' on the bike have a few days off biking bike week to give you a chance to recover.
    I agree with the week off with say 10 weeks to go - gives you something to look forward to then you can be fresh for the last 9 weeks.

  • Thanks OC - glad to hear you got through it last year.

    I think it is the consistency that my body is struggling with - stepping up from training 4-5x a week last year, to regular 6 days a week seems to be more than it sounds.

    A week off does seem a good tip, I had two HIM's 4 weeks apart last year and due to other things happening had a complete fortnight without training inbetween them. Was really fresh and set a PB at the second one! May need to be brave and set a week for this before the terror of actually doing an IM sets in good and proper...

  • 30-weeks is a long plan - I know Fink is 30-weeks but it is still a long time. Much prefer 20-weeks, personally I think there is just too much time to get bored and fed up in a 20-week plan.Which is probably where you are right now.

    In a few weeks the bit will be firmly back between the teeth and you will be focussed on the end goal.

    So man up.

    We all get times when it is too much. It steals 10-15 hours of training time, 5 hours of faffing time, adds an hour of kit washing time, and makes you tired meaning you sleep 7 hours more (1-per night). Which means 28-hours get robbed from your life.

    A week off might be overkill but do a couple of more fun sessions and then man up.





  • Don't be like that. Struggled myself to get out for a 30-minute run tonight - just couldn't be bothered to start. However I did and got the session done.

    It is hard at times, this isn't a knitting club. Overall it sounds like you are doing well. But yes we all find it tough at times.

  • m..eface wrote (see)

    Don't be like that.

    Only messing - had a great time in sunshine yesterday out on mtb for 2 hours, so back with a spring in my step again. Took some time to look at some of the numbers on garmin connect and found that last two weeks (week 13 & 14 on Fink) have been over 100 miles in total. Probably nothing to a lot of you guys and girls, but my usual for the last two years has been around 60-70 miles/wk at this stage. So 50% up on that...

    So the volume appears to be something my body isn't used to. But having had Monday as a rest day, and fun out yesterday, think maybe that battered body is adjusting - hope so as this week will be similar mileage!

    m..eface wrote (see)

    It is hard at times, this isn't a knitting club. Overall it sounds like you are doing well. But yes we all find it tough at times.

    Thanks - I guess that sums it up. MTFU image

  • I think you are all soooo tough on yourselves! What you do is amazing and still make time to help others along with your motivation and encouragement... truly a giving bunch! 

    I'm very jealous of those who are already 'in the way' of recreating plans and weeks and zones to make them fit your world. Any tips on tweaking / modifying out there? Have read a tonne of threads - would appreciate some navigation to any 'history' that may be in the hold and long forgotten by those at the very helm! (dare I ask - friel or fink??)


  • If it was easy everyone would be doing it....image
  • Fink!




    'Nuff said...

    Got my mojo back since my original posting - through wibble and in Week 17 so not too much longer now. Think booking accomodation etc settled my nerves a bit, looking at where feed stations are on bike etc. Have a weekend booked near the course middle of April so wil get my first taste of the Forestman bike and run courses soon enough. Time for a few tough weeks (includinig a 180km ride) before then...

  • Great that you're full of the beans of Tri again! Have a lovely weeekend ride - hope the weather is kind to you.

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