NDW50 2013

Hey guys and girls ive had a quick search and cant seem to find a thread for the 2013 NDW50 so thought I would start one for anyone who wants a natter!

This is my first attempt at an Ultra so of course im doing it in sandals!

Hows your training going?


  • Genuien question on the sandals. I remember you said they were Luna sandals in another thread, firstly I did a google images search and the amoutn of people who wear the sandals but then cover their legs in compression gear is funny.

    Secondly, and the serious question, do you not think you would be faster/more efficient in zero drop shoes? If so, what is the reason for wearing sandals instead of a full shoe? Just curious!

    I will be at the race but not running it, will be a great race and I am sure you will have plenty of fun!

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    hi B2b , you beat me to starting a thread for this event.image

    i think you will be fine in sandals depending on how much experience you have in them and if its dry!  already said to you a friend of mine runs in them and we did a trail run through all sorts of terrain. i was actually a bit concerned his feet would be ripped to shreds but they were ok.  !


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    i will be a wuss and stick to my shooz, will decide nearer the time if i will run it in zeros.

  • WIB - Good questions! image Yeah I got some calf compression too but only wear them after im done as I feel like my legs will explode if I run in them! 

    Well I started in Merrel trail gloves and found that during longer runs the ends of my toes hurt and I was forever getting blisters on them. I put about 450 miles on them and doctored them a lot before finally ordering the Luna.

    The feeling of running in the sandals can only really be explained by giving it a go! They immediately highlight every error in your running and force you to be more efficient, REALLY REALLY frustrating to begin with but I believe its worth it.

    Im not sure that I would be faster in a sprint situation and im not sure that it is the sandals as such, but since moving to minimal I have broken every PB I have ever had and I am a million times stronger than ever!

    This could be just the training over time and have nothing to do with whats on you feet but personally for technique sandals is the way to train!

    They are the most unforgiving but rewarding things to put on your feet image

    LLB - ha ha ha I knew it would have to be one of us that started it! image

    Been running in sandals for just under a year. Wet weather isn't great but given the option of a wet sandal or a soggy sock ill take the sandal!

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    agree that in sandals your feet are gonna dry out far quicker! i did an off road run last summer, went through a field of wet grass and my trainers were full of puddles squelching for ages, dont mind that in warm weather as it soon dries out but id hate that to be  in winterimage

    i also agree that the minimal shoes highlight your gait and makes you very aware of your style of running. ive only been in zeros a really short time but it makes me correct my posture more i think and cadence higher.

    have you been over all the trail on NDW yet? theres a buhher of a slippy bit wehter its wet or dry on a chalky area-so you may want to be careful there. whats the grip like on the sandals?

  • Not been over it yet what are the worst bits?

    The grip is pretty good but then again I haven't tried chalk!

    Ive been through, mud, sand, gravel, water, leaves, grass but not chalk!

    The only problem I get really is when the top of the foot bed gets wet then you tend to kind of aquaplane between your foot and the sandal!

    I use these ones (click me!) they are the most hardcore I have found so far and the strap is great for on the fly adjustments. I did however put a little bit of tape on some of the stitching as it was a little sharp after a while. I have the scars to remind me of where the tape goes image 

    Ah just noticed they have upgraded my ones, mine dont have the MGT foot bed. Maybe that stops the sliding in the wet?

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    those are the sandals my friemd wears. yeah the footbed ones may stop the sliding i guess but i supppose if they get wet enough then anything is going to slide?

    ndw was bone dry last year but i ran on it in october when it was foggy/misty and was just slippy on muddy parts but nothing bad.

  • Yeah I guess given enough rain anything will slip!

    Spen71 - Valid comment ha ha ha!

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    doesnt matter what you wear to run so long as it works for you !image

  • With that in mind what is your favoured kit list?
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    if its like last year then :

     minimal clothes, zero drop trainers,nathan vest backpack, suncream!,Garmin, bodyglide,water, favoured  food GU gels,mobile.

  • I'm in - doing this one, the SDW50 before and the NDW100 too. 

    Another minimlaist, but not as minimal as you, B2B! I train and race in the NB Minimus range.

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    what time are you aiming for PM?

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     i do hope we are going to see you in your pants over shorts mode Pantman?image

  • Welcome Pantman!

    Its interesting that we are all minimal runners!

    +1 for the pants over shorts image
  • I keep forgetting I'm doing this race, probably should do some training soon
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    maybe but then again.....

  • Then again Lou? Is there a magic formula I can use instead
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    then again could just wing itimage i did last time

  • I wing the vast majority of my races, I'm not sure what'd happen if I turned up well rested and fully fit. I'd probably not enjoy it as much because I couldn't swear and whine all the way around
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    yeah , i think the only one i was properly trained for and hit my target time was my 1 out of 2  marathons a year agoimage the ultras that follwed kinda just rolled off each other ...not the best strategyimage

    gotta have a good old whinge wiith the ocassional ' why the f--- do i do this' every now and then...image

  • Was intending to recce first half of SWD next Sunday and remind myself of the first half of NDW50 the Sunday after, but work on the trams looks like messing that upimage, as they won't be running properly to Wimbledon. Might change to doing Dorking to Knockholt Pound on 17th and hope I can fit in the first half of the route between SDW50 and NDW50, in the third weekend after/two weeks before...

  • Run it blind,  more fun!

  • I really don't want to run it blind but not sure I can get down there before hand!

    Oh well I like surprises anyway! image

    Im pacing for my brother in law at the end of this month for the TP100, gonna do about  15 maybe 20 miles of it, wanted to do more but they have restricted the crew access a little more this year

  • You could always get dropped off at a point on the course other than an aid station? Or at Clifton Hampton and run back to meet him.

  • Thanks WIB hmm I shall formulate a plan!

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    boys boys boys!!! this is the NDW thread remember? image no deviating from the event in question onto other ultras ok?image

  • imageimage Back on track!

    Got an email about my bloody Ultimate Direction vest image still waiting!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    permission granted to discuss kit B2B....* nods approvingly*

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