HR and cadence monitors

Hi, My husband is getting really into his triathlon and is now signed up for the jurassicman ironman this August. His birthday is coming up and I want to get him a HRM that measures cadence, speed and distance on the bike, and all these minus cadence for running. I've had a good look online and there are loads out there that promise a lot. Does anyone have any recommendations for which deliver on the promises, are easy to use and set up, and will transfer easily between cycling and running? Many thanks, Lianna


  • Garmin would be a good start. I have the 410 which comes with a hrm and bought the gsc10 cadence sensor to go on the bike. Works great. I had that before training for triathlon and I know a lot on here have the 910xt which you can also use for swimming and also in conjunction with the gsc10 cadence sensor.
  • 910xt - does exactly what is says on the tin! Love mine!

  • +1 for the 910 with a GSC10 cadence sensor


  • Im a Polar fan ... tried a few but allways go back to Polar .... although i do also have a Garmin

  • +1 on the 910XT but there are cheaper cadence sensors for the bike that are Ant+

    Bontrager do one which you can pickup for £16

  • A 310xt will do what you want and should be cheaper. It's an older model though.

  • Thanks very much folks. The Garmin 910 looks amazing... I think I'll splash out on that and 'borrow' it from time to time for my runs image
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