Tadworth Ten



  • Have done this the past 2 years and it is a good way to start the new year. Its a circuit of 2 miles with "the hill" in both ofcourse!! Last year it was very foggy, someone at our running club was taking photos and they are really eerie, emerging from the fog!! Hadnt really thought that far this year -must ponder!
  • Now Maisy Flop dont ponder, just enter, you know you will enjoy it. The fog has been cancelled this year.
  • Got my number for this now : 303
  • Got mine too - 206 (lower than yours!) :)

    Can't wait!!
  • I can wait!
    Just coz you've got a lower number doesn't mean you're going to beat me ;)
  • yes it does!!
  • No you won't because I shall have stuck to my New Year's resolutions and be full of good intentions with no alcohol since 31st December (ahem)
  • still wont beat me, even if I've had 10 pints the night B4 (ner!)
  • I suppose it's possible that you may be out for revenge for me beating you at Horton 10K ;)
  • HA! A likely story!!
  • Yes I think it will be very likely :-)
  • tenner on it?

    and double or quits in the TG?
  • Oooooooh TG don't remind me! Why am I doing that?
  • Evening snoops and Tiger if you are on about numbers and finishing position I've got number 7
  • Angelis. If you want to have a look at the course, go into www.tac.org.uk click on Tadworth 10, then click on course map, and there you go, Ebisham Lane awaits you.
  • Twice!
  • not a problem
  • Not a problem LOL!

    Are you coming to the Christmas social tomorrow Angelis?
  • still not certain about social tomorrow but definately at Reading christmas frolic
  • I'll try & get to Reading but I've got a club race in the morning - come to SJT tomorrow, gonna be a big party!
  • I am certainly going to try and get there
  • Pretty sure I'll do this, although past experience ought to be enough to teach me otherwise...

    Most humiliating moment in my brief competitive running career came at this event in Jan 2000 where, about half-way round the second lap, I rounded a corner to be confronted by a little boy in a push chair with his father. Child says to father, "Surely, HE's the last one!" Oh, crap.
  • Shouldn't hang around - the limit is 600 and Tiger is 303!
  • Not run this one before but would be a good incentive to shift those Xmas alcholic calories !! What is the course like? Sounds like there is a large hill at some point!!
  • ok.. take me off the list... i'm beyond persuasion.

    maybe next time.
  • boinged - anybody else going to do this one
  • I shall be taking along an entry form for XFR as a birthday present tonight ;-)
  • We still have places available, and will take entries on the day.
  • Just looked at the weather forecast for the weekend - anyone got any ice skates?
  • Should be fun getting up that hill then Tiger
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