Two Castles Run 2013

Filling up fast - 2,000 places gone in less than two hours!


  • Full in not too much more than 12 hours!
  • I have foolishly double booked this with the Whipsnade Zoo Stampede which is my daughter's preference obviously so if anyone is looking for a place please contact me - 3 places available

  • Looking forward to this!

  • A slightly tweaked route for this year, I see.

    A shorter but steeper climb into Leek Wooton and a straighter run through the Kenilworth housing estate.

  • Looks set to be a warm one!

    Highs of 24c according to the BBC website. 

    At least that's some sort of incentive to get it done as quickly as possible! 



  • How did everyone get on? 

    I found that 'new' hill up to Leek Wooton much tougher than the old route. 

    Enjoyed the straighter line through the Kenilworth estates though. 

  • First time ran it today. Really enjoyed it. The hills were tough but I kinda expected that.

    Very well organised, my only comlaint would be the starting pens were not well displayed and by the time I realised I was about 20 mins too far forward it was to late.

    Great support at the start and finish plus the bag transport and bus back was really slick.

  • I started right near the back, was a little disappointed at the finish seeing the clock, but got a nice suprise when I got my chip time later as it took much longer than  I thought to cross the start!

    The finish at the castle is very exciting, only thing is starting at the back I found it be be a pretty crowded race and was constantly trying to weave around people for most of the way

    Apologise again to the lady who accused me of pushing her out of way just before the finish (at about 50 mins), this was completely unintentional. I had just had the same thing happen to me and was trying to get going again when it happened.

    Met some very friendly people on way back to Leamington for my train who were local runners. MASSIVE thanks to the lady (Emma?) who paid for my bus fare as I had no idea it was exact change only and I only had £20!

  • First time running this race. Very much enjoyed the route, the buses back to the start, the baggage drop and was happy with my time. What I would say is the start seemed a tad unorganised. Before I knew it I was at the back, with no visible markings for my time I ended up constantly trying to move past runners who were standing in lines blocking the route. Maybe this is my fault for not going to the start line early enough!

    Also, I was running with a team mate who had a very bad case of shin splints. There was no sign of any first aid after you crossed the line at the finish. However, I thouroughly enjoyed the run and will be returning! 

  • I thought the new route was an improvement - particularly the last 2k which had far less twists and turns. Weather was perfect and support excellent. Appreciated having three water stations as well.

    Last 250m was very congested and it was almost impossible to sprint. Not helped by groups of runners holding hands so that they could cross the line together!

  • Noted comment re first aid after line , On duty in castle were a GP and two paramedics we also had St John ambulance there as well . I think the thing to say is please ask a marshall if you need help .to direct you to nearest facilty you were never more than 40 yards from help .

    Bob kelly

    Press officer The Rotary Club Of Kenilworth

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