400 metre kids traing

Hi everyone I need some advice my daughter is age 10 and she wants to be a 400 metre runner she is running this event in 1.19 not sure if thats any good but she wants to get faster.Can anyone give me a training scheduled for her. I know some people will say dont get to serious but she absolutely loves running she is so keen so any advice would be welcome.



  • Worzel

    Get your daughter to a local running club with EA Coaches.

  • +1

    A running club with qualified coaches who are experienced in both the coaching side and looking after her physically is definitely the way ahead. It'll be great for her motivation and socially is an excellent way of meeting people.


  • + 2 for a proper athletics club that has a childrens section - there are a lot of good runners on here, but with all due respect to them - most of us are distance runners and wouldn't have a clue about coaching/running 400 metres.  (sorry folks)

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    I would agree that a running club will provide the best guidance. I would also note that 400 metres is not an approved event for a girl of you daughter's age! From memory, at the English Schools Champs, for example, I think that the events are 100, 200 then 800 for the younger age groups, and then at around 14 a 300 metres is introduced. i don't think it is until around sixth form age that 400 is permissable. Which is why contact with a club is invaluable!

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