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I've been traing for the Hadrian's Wall ultra in June (69 miles) for a while now.  I've done some marathons and I'm doing approx 45 miles a week.  The thing is that a number of us are training together and there is a lot of info out there.

What kind of mileage should we be doing at this stage (4 months before the event)?

How should it increase?  Sandwich runs/long runs.

Any tips of diet would be much appreciated


Thank you for taking the time.






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  • Nice work Lirish! You're a gem to find on a runners forumimage

  • David on the front page of this forum there's four separate new runner advice threads, have you tried them for the answers you need?

    Or the three on page 2?
  • Well if it did?! Thanks Lirish all the same....

  • Genuine question, did they help?
  • 75.
  • Not massively.  I guess I'm looking for a 'golden egg' in terms of how to build endurance and how much is optimum and beyond that a waste.  i.e I'm currently doing 45-50 per week and have recently did the 3 peaks (yorks) and a trail marathon and felt pretty good.  The running in that regard is going well, but whats the next step?  increasing the mileage? the long run every couple of weeks.  We spoke to a guy at Loughbrough and he thought about 40 per week was enough and it was about quality. Where as other programs suggest up to the race mileage....



  • I'm not being facetious when I say opinions are like arseholes, you'll find everyone has something to say about mileage. There is no one size fits all, do a few 5-6 hour runs and see how you feel
  • Obviously not one after another, over long run one week test day before and after
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  • Run for a whole weekend.   The English Channel is refreshing this time of the year.

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