iliotibial band

Dear all,

I am relatively new to running long distances and have committed to running the London Marathon 2003.

A week ago I developed what can only be iliotibial band friction syndrome, caused, I can only deduce, by being overweight and raising my distances too quickly. I have stopped running for a week and my knee feels much better. I am due to see a physio this coming Tuesday but am keen to hear of any other forms of assistance that might get me back on track. E.g.,do Pratt straps really work?




  • Be warned this is not an easy thing to fix. I have been seing a physio for more than a year now and we haven't managed to fix it. I can still only run for 30 minutes before it becomes too painful. I have been given more stretches to do that you could image. Good luck. If you have any sucess, let me know what cured it.
  • What surface are you running on? Try running on grass and trail - or mix these with road running. I've found this has helped me most of all - avoid concrete pavements if possible as they are unforgiving.
  • I must admit that I had been doing quite a bit of road-running. I will try to get into Richmond park more often for some trail and grass running. Thanks for the advise Braders and Darren.
  • Hi All,


    Although I have ran 4-5k distances as part of my overall gym-based fitness programme for some years, I have increased my mileage this summer to run my first road 10k race this September with three months more solid training on mixed surfaces over the summer. I ran 48 mins with my speed reduced by the development over the three weeks pre-race of left front of thigh pain (2 hand-breadths below groin), felt mainly on foot impact. This settled after almost two solid weeks of rest, with non-impact cross-training, but comes back after 30 mins of running, and I cant seem to shake it off. Does this sound like DOMS in my quads? Should I rest up even more? Did I up my mileage too suddenly at age 43?( I maxed out at about 35 miles a week). I know this is small beer for experienced runners!

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