Goody Bags



  • Yeah and it's a thick bright red wooly one.
  •  a big pink plastic apron ( it was a womens race) and a booklet giving housework tips.......

    better was this years cure leukaemia race, they just handed out a bar of cadburys and some water to all finishers. simple.

  • Westonbirt Arboretum 10k.......a cutting from one of the trees in the arboretum and a wooden bookmark......Very original and quite apt....and def better that a shitty plastic medal. Well done Cirencester club for organising a fab event..... 
  • Ladenburg triathlon always gives out bags of potatoes to the finishers, it's become quite a tradition. Lugging 5lb of spuds back to the car along with my bike, helmet, transition bag, wetsuit, etc, is almost more of a challenge than doing the race!

    At one race I got a pair of men's swim briefs, very odd as I'm female!

    Great idea at a local duathlon, instead of medals all the prizes are baskets of fresh fruit and veg.

  • Anyone else confused by the single Fishermans Friend from the BUPA races?

    That's the last thing I want after a race.....

  • Run in France, when you can, music during the races and the goodies bag, in addition to energy bars, they have sample of body wash and  deodorants.

    Unless it is a tradition and a souvenir from the region ( ie natural salt from noirmoutiers, small bottle of wine from le Luberon,or even potatoes as a tradition) pasta, sugar,and even mayonnaise  tells you of the desparation to get hold of decent sponsors.

    This waste of food and the littering are not part of the runners' conducts.

    It is like shooting ourselves in the foot. On the one hand,  we run to support charities/events and make our contributions. On the other hand the organisers throw money away due to their lack of common sense.

     Why dont they donate all of this to charities or even send it to countries during disasters?

    Runners couldnt be more proud for this double contribution

  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    West Bridge 5 - a cup of water, not a bottle, just a single cup of water
  • not technically in a goodie bag (because it didn't fit) but I got a hammock at the santa claus marathon in Finland.
  • Carlisle Sport Relief - the highlights included a miniature pecan pie, 3 sachets of 'Lo Salt' and a voucher for 50p off granola...
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