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During my recent long runs, i have been trying out different energy gels/chews.  I can`t stand the faffing around getting the last 20% out of the gels, whilst trying to maintain stride, so i thought i would try energy chews (shotbloks, zippfit etc.).  My question is, how much do you need to chew them before swallowing?  Can you swallow them whole, can you chew for a few seconds and then swallow and they still digest and give you the full shot of carbs, or do you have chew fully. Takes ages to chew fully and in the process, i end up choking because i`m trying to breath as well, or peices go flying out as i exhale. What do we think?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why not try some and see what happens?

    How fast are you running your long runs? I've never really had trouble keeping my stride whilst eating and running at a steady pace. I may have difficulty if I'm going at 5/ 10 k pace but wouldn't be eating anything over those distances anyway.

    Trial and error in training is a good way to find out what works for you.
  • I trained for Brighton marathon with Shotbloks because that's what they gave you on the day. I liked them, and opened the packets before I left the house. Whole, chewed, I don't think it matters - I never chewed them much

    Mind you, I haven't trained with them since - got so fed up with them, and on the day I couldn't swallow them after 20 miles. They were good, though ...

    Bits flying out of your mouth was quite entertaining, really ... anything to break the monotony ... image


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