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I'm new here! First post.  I'm 29 and enjoy fitness, I've done a range of sports from surfing, skate boarding,baskbetball to boxing and recently squash. I am toying with the idea of doing a charity run (Marathon?).

Start from Lands end, Pen running to London and doing the London Marathon.  I'll plan to have rest over night after each set of miles but aim on last day to arrive at London and then run the marathon.


Just hoping for some guidence on the planning, trainning, ideal miles to do each day etc and what I would need.......  Any advice would greatly be appreciahted.


Many Thanks




  • And in which year are you planning on doing this?

  • Fair enough, you've earned an honest answer! lol Had you said this year you'd have been hounded from the forum image

    292 miles on foot, if you averaged 11 m/m 26.5 hrs, if you plan on doing this everyday, I'd suggest maybe running 3 hrs a day? That would be 9 days. you can do it quicker if you want, but obviously the less time you give yourself, the less likely you'll be to make the start line in London, plus even giving yourself a years full training will still make you a novice for even a single marathon, let alone what you're considering.

    As for training, that depends entirely on what you're already doing, and what you're capable of without training, no one can help you unless they know what they're starting with. Surfing, skate boarding, baskbetball, boxing and recently squash wont really help you much unless they've kept your weight down, which I'm assuming they do. 

    Get outside and assess your running fitness, run slowly, and see how far you can run without pain. Then come back to the forum image

  • It's as much about efficiency as fitness. If the biomechanics are squiffy then you will fail. What's the plan? What route? how will you be supported? Will you carry kit? Who is supplying water? Forest Gump was a movie not a training solution!
  • In fairness he doesn't have a plan, that's what he's asking. 

    All anyone can do in such a position is assess their running fitness then start a short distance plan, say half marathon, and see how they go, after that maybe do marathon training to get the mileage up, then start proper ulltra training. There's only one way to find out if you've got it in you.

  • Tanks for replies all. Appreciate your advice and honesty.

    At this time it's very early plan/idea. My main reason for doing this is for charity, a dear friend only at the age of 21 full of life! Passed away a few years ago by Cancer, I want to raise as much money as possible for the charity which supported him.

    From just the top of my head I vision to do this in 3 to 4 days. Have a plan set where as I do enough miles in the day, stop off and rest at a B&B and stat again next day, with it all planned in that the last day I wake up and do the London marathon after arriving in London from lands end.

    From looking at routes (mainly running along the A30) I gotta do 75 miles a day to do is in 3 to 4 days, wether I'm insane or stupid I don't know. I will have to train hard but I'm also lucky to be blessed that I've always been good at running long lengths at a nice pace, wether through doing high intense sports all my life I dunno......

    Thought I'd come on some forums where the people in the know are, get some advice perhaps on reality, routes and what I would need to achieve this as in training and itinerary for when actually running.

    All I can add is, I really need to do this and with hard work and pray I am sure I can.

    Thanks gain.
  •  75 miles a day for 3 to 4 days... good luck with that then...

    ...have you ever ran 75 miles?

  • Wow... 75 miles a day for 3-4 days!! I ran 20 today and I'm sitting here like a burst couch!!
  • What do you think is reasonable. Please advise
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    How do you plan to obtain your London marathon place?

  • Have you considered cycling to London then running the marathon?

    What's the longest run you've ever did? Doing 75 miles a day say at average 10 min miles would be 12.5 hours running each day!! Think you have to rethink your plan!

    Think you have to be realistic or are you on to extract the urine?
  • He said he's doing it for charity.

    I got my maths all wrong yesterday image

    I think unless you're already running 20 mile lsr's every week, you'll be lucky to make the start line in 14 days, that's 20 miles a day! 

    "I'm also lucky to be blessed that I've always been good at running long lengths at a nice pace, whether through doing high intense sports all my life I dunno......"

    What running have you actually done?

    It's going to take a long time to toughen up our ligaments and tendons to cope with 75 mile a day...

  • if you are used to doing long runs laready without any problems then you might well be able to do it in 3 days...........

    have you done back to back martahons or training runs....what time and pace did it take you and how was the recovery.

    at the beginning it sounded like you were just fairly new to running running 10k's or half marathons.........

    if you already run long regulary then you have already started building up the strength in all the parts

  • I think I may of had high expectations of the whole thing. Maybe I have to,plan it for 7 days with 7 th being the marathon.

    What's a realistic plan you think.
  • Maybe if you tell us a bit more about what your running is like ?
  • Well,


    I used to do alot of running a few years ago. Every night I'd run (never tracking my miles or times... just running and running until I thought it was time to go home). On average I was running all over from town to town so I'd say anything from 20 to 25 miles a night back then possibly?!?!?


    Past 3 years I've just done sports like boxing (including running but not to the extent above).  I've not done any real exercise since xmas just gone but have started Squash to get some intensive cardio going.  I've not done any real running for awhile but I adapt quick.  I will do a run this week and see how I go (I'll probley die at 1 mile).

    I understand alot training is a head of me, I've given myself just over a year to achive this run.  I dont want to break reacrds or leap through the miles but just achive this for charity.  I think my max time would be 1 week (7 days), London marathon is 20th April (a sunday).

    So i suppose if I wanted to achive this it would be roughly 50 miles or less a day.........

    Inregards of a spot in the Marathon, I should be ok to get a placement through charity I have a meeting soon.  They may tell me I'm mad and no! image


    Thanks Again



  • if you drop the other stuff and start back running then it sounds like you have the nature that could do this run.....

    start now but building up and see how you wouldn't need to set the number of days that you would take until at least 6 months time and that would give you a better idea of where you are in terms of mileage and recovery

    good luck

  • Thanks for reply Seren, brilliant advice.

    Sorry to be dumb found, Back running is???

  • valleys talk..............meaning start getting back into running........meaning just go and start running again as you have had a break from it doing other sportsimage

  • You used to run 20-25 miles a night? 

    This will be an easy challenge for you then, just get back to that level of running, which you know how to do as you did it before, right? Then taper 5 weeks before the challenge, give yourself a good rest whilst continuing to run low mileage. I reckon you could run the whole 292 miles non stop! 

  • I think I may of had high expectations of the whole thing. Maybe I have to,plan it for 7 days with 7 th being the marathon.

    What's a realistic plan you think.
  • the fact is until a few months of training under your belt you will have no idea of a realistic plan........

    you also need to work out the logistics of who is supporting you.are you staying in b and b's or a motorhome at the side of the road......

    if it takes you a week.then accomodation for you and the support team will cost you several hundred pounds as well as you and the support team giving up a weeks leave to do it.

     those deatils and finiding out which roads you are allowed to run on will be as hard as training

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