Wilmslow half marathon 2013

Hi everyone I am taking part in the wilmslow half this year and wondered if there is anyone else who is doing this and it's their first half, like myself! I would really like someone to run with and would even like to have a practise of the route prior to the event. I don't run fast about ten- eleven minute miles, so if there is anyone similar in need of a half marathon buddy please get in touch!! Thanks


  • Not got a place this year, but I'm not sure I would fancy running the route without them being closed to traffic. Lots of narrow, windy, country lanes. Great event though - almost entirely flat, though a little uphill towards the end can catch you out.
  • most of the roads are cheshire cycle way so are fine to run on 

    its by no means a hilly course but i dont think its particularly fast and flat

  • Ok thanks for the advice I may just drive it- I just like to get an idea of what I'm expecting I am training around the Macclesfield area which I believe is hillier than the wilmslow route- so hopefully I'll manage a flatter route!
  • GT, good luck, I was really concerned when I did my first especially reading some of the the training plans and schedules that other participants were doing but I got some great ideas and support off people on this forum.

    I'm doing it as part of my build up to the Manchester Marathon at the end of April. Have only done 1 half before and that was Tatton last November.

    Apparently it's a good flat course with a slight incline at the end

    I've been to Wilmslow for rugby fixtures before so my cocerns are congestion at the start of the race and finding somewhere to park that's not going to take eons to get away from afterwards

    That said there are a few people going from our area of Altrincham so we'll probably car share

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    gemma, dont worry about not having anyone to run with, its a busy race so once everyone settles down i think you will find company all the way along the route.

    dont be put off by talk of a hilly finish...its certainly not as hilly as the macc half.  The course is flat but there is a dip that drops and climbs immediately.  you go past this relatively early on and then again with a couple of miles to go.  Its just a bit frustrating if you are expecting the whole course to be pancake flat but now you know its there you will be fine!

    good luck

  • I agree with RRR and DR7 - the congestion getting out after the race is fairly extreme. Bring a book! And the "hill" at the end is definitely pretty minor - it just comes as a bit of a shock as the rest of the course is pancake flat.

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    Hi Gemma, I,ve ran the wilmslow and will be doing it again this year.Its a very flat fast course,, driving it will give you an idea of what to expect if you are nervous.Make sure you get into the correct pen at the start, and take the first couple of miles steady as its very busy.It was a lovely atmosphere last year, the marshalls are great and there are always spectators on route to cheer you on, enjoy x

  • Hi Gemma, I've run Wilmslow many times and there are a few steady inclines in the 2nd half of the race. The first one is when you turn left onto the main road at about 8 miles. It's a steady rise to the 9 mile mark (it's not steep but not want you want at that part of the race). After the 9 mile mark there is downhill strech until you bear left at the Victory Hall, where there is another rise past the church and cricket ground (there are a numbr of bends in the road so it doesn't feel you are climbing but you are). Then you are back onto the first part of the course with that dip in the road you encountered on the way out. Once you've past Mobberley Golf Club it's flat all the way. Passing Morley Green village hall, the crowds are beginning to build and you may even be able to hear the race announcer. The fianl run is great as the road is quite narrow and the crowds get bigger and more noisy.

    If you know the area I wouldn't park any where near the Rugby Club as it gets very congested. Also the main road to the M56 is also disrupted with race goers.

     It's a great race which is very well organised and the good bag is normally pretty good.

  • I wonder whether we'll have snow to contend with? Could be prettyimage
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