I'm currently running in Brooks Glycerin 10's as recommended by a podiatrist. I have something called a Morton's Neuroma and as a result of some fairly in-depth analysis the podiatrist recommended the Glycerins as they have a high heel-to-toe-drop on them. All good so far.

Now this is the 2nd pair of Brooks that I've had and I can honestly say that they stink! Not saying they're bad, they just really smell awful, as if one of my dogs has peed in them repeatedly. I don't suffer from smelly feet and no other shoe has ever smelt as bad as the Brooks.

I've been searching the net for something similar to the Brooks, but though I can find general comment about the trend [more so in the USA?] to lower heel height, I cannot find a way to compare heights or to select the Glycerin shoes & find suitable alternatives.

So has anyone stumbled on a way to make such comparisons, find heel height data or simply got some recommendations for me to try?




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