Asics gt2170 vs asics 2000

Hi I'm in need of new running trainers. I suffer from slight lower back pain now and again and as such have trailed a number of pairs over the years. By far the most comfortable ones for me are asics gt2170's but the new design for this year is called the 2000. I'm just wondering if anyone has had both these pairs and can tell me if there's any big difference? I'm hoping the fit is the same but also hope there's been no major revision as I don't want to take gamble with my back again.


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    I have 2170s and I love them so I decided to just buy a couple of pairs of spare pairs off 2170s as they are being sold off cheap now image

    Maybe it's worth doing the same? As I know they work, I'd rather not take any chances image
  • They are the best! In the past year I've had mizuno, asics kayano and saucony. The kayanos are meant to be the best for support but i found them to lack it in the front. I've always gone back to my 2170's but they are a year old now. If I can find them cheap ill pick up a couple pairs.

    Really interested to hear from anyone who's has the new ones.
  • Tried the 2000s and I'm not a fan.

    Seems Asics are trying to evolve the shoe into the more zero drop bandwagon. Personally the 21's were always great shoes (bar the uppers which usually gave up long before the rest of the shoe). The 2000s feels flat to land in and from underneath no cut away below the arch.

    I tried on and decided to stay with the Inspire 9s.

    Made the same conclusion over the Nike Structure Triax. Seems Nike/Asics are forgetting what made their biggest sellers so popular in the first place.
  • This is a problem with most manufacturers - more than most years, they are messing with their designs this year.  New Balance, Asics and Mizuno are just three who are lowering all of their shoes, including the Support/Motion Control shoes.  If you like 'normal' shoes with lots of cushioning/support, it might be worth stocking-up.

  • Hi thanks for the advice, I bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and bought the 2000's. So far Ive covered about 50k in them and im pretty impressed. The fit doesnt feel as tight as the 2170's but miles better than my other ones. You can feel the drop diffference as well, it stops me heel striking too much and gives better push off. But its early days so fingers crossed these ones will last.

    The Asics store at Cheshire Oaks has 2160's for £49 that may be worth grabbing if people like these. I asked and they are expecting the 2170's next month and I guess they'll be around the same price.

  • "Stops me heel striking too much". Man the psychobabble is working.
  • Chappers wrote (see)
    "Stops me heel striking too much". Man the psychobabble is working.

    I dont understand what you mean. I find when I run with other trainers such as the ones I mentioned in my first post, that i tend to come down on my heel first which hs caused me problems. Especially lower back and knee. Converesly, I do not tend to do this in the 2000's hence my statement.

    No psychobabble, just the facts.

  • Interesting post, and one I was just coming on here to post myself! After 2 pairs of 2170s I can no longer get my size. I've looked everywhere but 7 must be a very popular ladies size! Reluctant to get the 2000 unless they fit exactly the same as the 2170s as the 2170s fit my narrow for so well.

    Looks like I might have to look one more time for some 2170s and if still no luck will plump for some 2000s.

    Dan - hope your 2000s continue to be comfortable!
  • Ha ha - found what must have been the last pair of GT2170s in my size in the UK! Just got to anxiously wait for them to arrive...
  • After wearing Asics 21 series for years ending with the 2170s I have bought a pair of the new 2000s & they are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. My feet & ankles were very sore after a few runs & I have abandoned them and reverted to my old 2170s.

    Anyone know an alternative? 

  • the pair of 2170s I bought when I last posted on this thread are now giving up as well, so  in January I'll be back at Sweatshop being fitted for new shoes. I can let you know then what I end up with!

  • I have had both the 2170's and the GT2000's (both 2E) I find them very similar but prefer the 2170's, they seem a better fit for me. I have used 2000 for both outdoor and TM runs and thus far i found no issue, keeping my finger crossed.


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