Recommend me a shoe - medium cushioned

I run mostly in Inov-8 Terrafly 303s. I like them and they suit me well because I do most of my running in parks on trails that are none too gnarly. Only problem is that I'd like a shoe with a bit more cushioning to use a couple of times a week including possibly for a long run. I had some old Asics that I used to use, but they are now (1) too old and (2) too small (I had some foot problems and realised all my shoes were too small).

I'd like a shoe that:

(1) has a 'just right' amount of cushioning - a little more than the Terrafly, but ideally a little less than your average trainer.

(2) is suitable for running park trails - as I say, the Terrafly tread is good for the sort of running I do, I wouldn't want anything more aggressive and I've run successfully with standard trainers in the past.


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