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I have just worked out that i run at 6.5mph i would be intrested to know if this is good ive been running now for five months i run on average 20miles a week.
Thanks in advance


  • Karen, thats a 10K in under an hour so you're fast enough that there will be plenty of people behind you. Pretty good after only five months and you will still be getting faster if you are including some speed work in your 20 miles.Congrats.
  • Karen
    That's good. You might also find people talk about minutes per mile (9 1/4 in your case).

    As a benchmark - I'm 44 with OK fitness, fairly good stamina, who started running again at the start of the year and look to average about 8m/m on a fastish run. (This isn't meant to say I'm good/bad just to give you an idea of someone else's pace - hope it helps.)
  • You question intrigued me so I started another thread on the URWRC forum - how fast do you run. Will give you a broader view (You'll also see that already there are several who aspire to your pace in here)
  • Hi Karen

    I always wondered what a 'good' pace was as well!!

    I have been running on/off for just over a year and now regularly for 6-7 months.

    I did my first ever 4 miles (the distance of the route that I take) in 41-42 minutes and that was a year ago. I am down to 4 miles in 30-32 minutes, depending on how I am feeling.

    Like Nick, except that I am female, 32 years old and of average fitness (bleep test score averaging 9.6), that means I also do approximately 8 minutes per mile. I did 6 miles the other day in 49 minutes but I think I would be slower on a longer runs.

    I can't keep up with the stronger runners at my running club, and I am always a little behind them, but I don't think I am the slowest in our group.

    Hope that helps.

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