Newton Motion - 2011 model - can you help

After three years of running, trying at least twenty different makes and models of shoe.....I finally find 'the one' - Newton Motion 2011 model in a U.K size 10.5. Mine are white with blue trim and a red logo.

And now they are finding them is like finding Hens teeth.

I know it's a long shot but, if anyone knows of a pair in that size .....preferably new, but part worn will be considered.....i'm desperate.

Got a place in VLM in April and can't think of wearing anything else. Of course, Ive tried the newer replacement models...but the slight tweaks have been enough to render them not quite right for me. 

I've tried all the obvious places (e-bay etc)....but someone, somewhere might have a decent pair at the back of the wardrobe!!

Any help greatly appreciated.



  • pinkbugpinkbug ✭✭✭

    Try b2p sports ( just checked think they have what you want in stock.

  • Thanks for your help - I got really excited, but then found none in stock.

    Anyone else with any ideas?

    The beers are on me post-London if anyone solves this problem image


  • You can check out all the available Newton Motion models but that size is regretably out of stock in your size. We share a warehouse with the UK distributor and that shoe does appear to have run out so you either need to upgrade or continue your search. We have had no problems with runners updating their shoes to the newer models but I totally understand the need to minimise risk in these situations!

  • Thanks for the insider info Mark ......guess I'm relying on a random pair popping up on e-bay. Not really my 'plan A' for VLM preparation.image

  • Update......One week on - persevered with new shoes....glad to say I'm now getting used to the new fit......should be fine....VLM panic over image

  • Guess what I've just bought on e-bay!!!

    Only worn once, then sat in a wardrobe for 2 years......£55.00........DELIGHTED!! 

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