A lonely path

Having taken part in 10+ marathons have been dabbling in triathlons in the last couple of seasons. Swim lessons in 2012 have helped me to get past 50m doing freestyle without requiring oxygen mask. However, set myself a target of half ironman in mid July this year. What I am discovering is that training can be more demanding than marathon training and to some extent it can be more lonely. Have joined a club but struggle to make the training sessions (excuse or reality?) and not sure family quite get it. Don't get me wrong. Its still a buzz but had not considered what it takes to get out there to do the training. Any thoughts?


  • you have to think why you have changed to triathlons...what motivated you...........

    like all things when its cold or wet then you have to have some reason for getting out the door......

  • For IM and indeed for 1/2 IM I think it is agreed that you really do need to have the family on board
    For training I would say that in the most part it is quite lonely, you are quite often on your own during the race as well until you get to the run
    If you have joined a club then try to make a few sessions and then you might find a few people that train at the same time as you, a few pocket so people may then start to train together
    What part of the world are you?  We have a few rides being organised through the summer if you keep an eye on the threads

  • It is, SF - and that's why I keep coming on here ...
  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    I started cycling last Autumn. I found going out before work at 6.30am, meant I could up my training time without it affecting the family.  Not done this winter, so can`t wait for it to get lighter and warm in the mornings. Little traffic too, which is a bonus.  I have been swimming before work (once a week) as well.  It does take up your time, but you need to find a way to manage it so it is sustainable and doesn`t hack off the loved ones. I have always trained, so to my wife, it is normal.

  • To be honest I like the solitude of my training, is my time to do what I want... I don't really do a lot else and it allows me time to think etc. at iron level it does get a bit lonely, but like I say I try too embrace it...now the cold is a different matter is it ever going too be warm again? image
  • If you find training on your own lonely, then make the most of your club membership.

    As Meldy says, you might find others with similar training needs/schedules outside of club training times.


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