Newport Half Marathon 3/3/2013

Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

This was their inaugural event, I believe.  I'd say congratulations.  The course was nice and flat, and generally a pleasure to run on. The organisation seemed very efficient. It was friendly and it was great to finish in a nice athletics stadium.

It was an out-and-back course - with the one drawback that you had runners coming in opposite directions, and there were some pinchpoints where that might have been inconvenient.. but never hindered me.

My Garmin clocked up 13.24 miles... and of the people I know, this was slightly LESS than anyone else... so I'm not sure if there was a small mismeasure.  A shame, because this was definitely a PB course...  and if the Garmins were correct, then maybe that added more than a minute to the course length.  (or is it common for Garmins to read long?  There were 6 Garmins in our group, reading between 13.24 and 13.27miles.)

Anyway... well done Newport.


  • lets not get into te old garmin debate .that must be wthin their accuracy claims.....

    garmins always read long on races........certified courses will be right...unless the organisers change it afterwards and do not tell..........I'm sure this is not the case here......

    I missed it due to illness but my husband enjoyed it and it semed to run smoothly.........with a decent goodybag 

    i was a mazed to see a woman finishing in the top handful in the results in 1:21. thats a great timeimage

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    She was absolutely flying!

    Garmins always run long in race?  OK thanks... I've actually not been part of many "garmin" debates, so sorry if I raked over old ground.   (though my only other certified HM was subject to a later-acknowledged small mismeasure, so maybe I'm predisposed to think of this possibility!)

    Sorry you missed the race. Hope you're on the mend.

  • i thought from the results that it might have been a change of numbers but from the start photos i could see that she was definitely a she...image

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