Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one



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    Hi all,

    Problem solved in town now, I can get back to some form of training quickly now. Hopefully a LSR 16 miler on Sunday.

    Kizzselpod how is your training going, you didn't say?

    Is it me or do runners seem to have problems with ankels, and/or ham strings wanting to give way, thats my injury problem, when I try to go a little faster or further, I have to slow right down.

    Perezoso, that is  a fair comment, that sometimes we just deal with an injury rather that solving the injury once and for all.

    Hope everyones okay?

  • Well so much for my planned 13 mile run,I woke up this morning with a sore throat and full of a cold so gave the run a miss. I'll dose myself up all day and see how I am in morning, I hate missing runs.
  • Oh dear, looks like this flu virus is affecting lots of people! Am just getting over my bout (it's been 10 days now) but my nose is still running faster than I am!

    Definately a run of 2 halves today, 4.2 miles out with the wind behind me @11:50 min miles and back was 12:10 min miles into the wind so finished bang on my 12 min mile target but average HR was up from 68% to 72%.

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    Hi All,

    Soundss like you met your run target an achievemnt on its own, just keep an eye on your heart rate  Andi McGill.

    Paul Clarke 46 I guess its mother nature is saying listen to your body a little?

    Especially with the weather being wrm one min cold the next.

    Hope all okay?

    After time team, I'm going too try my first run this  week, and go for at least 16 mile, I doubt it  very much but will give it a try.

    Cold weather again forcasted for Monday in West Yorkshire.

  • Woke up this morning feeling lousy again and there is snow on the ground, no running again today, beginning to get withdrawal symptoms, might try a walk later.
  •   Sorry to hear that colds and flu are playing such havoc with people's training. Andy and Paul, I hope you both start to feel better soon.

      sinbad, let me see some of that positive mental attitude! Take it slow and easy and you'll get round your 16 miles. Everybody, all together now: COME ON, SINBAD!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

      I'm just letting my breakfast settle before I head out for today's LSR.

      Happy trails, everyone!

  • Positive Mental Attitude is so important. It's cheesy, but if you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably right. Try repeating "I am a marathoner" in your head as you go, you've got to believe it.

    I foolishly decided to try a run today. Woke up early and saw glorious sunshine and couldn't resist. Managed less than a mile before my leg was really hurting and I walked home. So frustrating! Seeing someone tomorrow or Tuesday, hope they have some answers...
  • I agree, a positive mental attitude certainly helps. When I'm struggling with my running I just focus on what I'm trying to achieve and that helps enormously. 

    Sinbad, let us know how you got on.

    Perezoso, enjoy your run

    Russellelly, I can relate to your frustration. I had a hamstring strain last year which eventually led to me not being able to run for six weeks. I tried to run before it was healed and I got 6/10 of a mile done before it happened again. It was only at that point that I got myself to the physio.

    Was up and out at 7.15 this morning for my LSR, my schedule called for 14 miles and 14 miles were duly delivered! My time was 2.31.36, so an average pace of 10.50, the last 2 miles were hard as they are almost fully uphill but that's the price you have to pay for living at the top of a hill!


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    Hi All,

    Thanks Perezoso. I only managed 8 disastourus miles, I felt physically mentally exhausted, and yet I managed 15 last week.

    As a result, I have decided to pull out of the Manchester marathon, its too much too soon. I should hae built up a few 10k and a couple of half marathons. The weather and some personal issues have got in the way.

    I'm not giving up, I'm consolidatinf what I have achieved so far.

    Sorry tto hearr about the colds people, that and the weather is a nightmare for runners.

    russellely,sorry to hear about your injury again, I can sympathise somewhat with it, good luck with whom your going to see.

    Gary fatbloke, I totally understand you with hills, I live half way up a hill, butgood for builiding stamina.

    I must stress, I have not giving up on running, there are ultra runns and adventure races I want to take part in, including the Sarah ultra distance race.

    Hope your all enjoying Sunday?

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    Hi All,

    I thought I had better bring you all upto date.

    I been loooking at Hal Higdon various marathon schedules, I have elected myself to looosely, follow his 30 week schedule. I know I can do more, but this gives me a chance to listen a little better how my mind and body is feeling.

    But at  the same time I stress, I'm not going to worry too much about sticking to a routine, as I have a couple of personal issues to work on, whilst I hope to build up my running as I learn to deal with those issues.

    Hope training is going well fr you all?

  • Hey sinbad, sorry to hear you're not doing Manc. I guess you know how you feel and are the best judge.

    Saw a physio today, no running for at least the next week. Had some massage and ultrasound, to keep resting and icing. Going to keep swimming and try my best to stay focused and positive. My body will decide what it wants to do image
  • I'm a late joiner to this thread. My first marathon is The Giant's Head in Dorset on 29th June, followed by Chester on 6th Oct. So from zilch marathons to two in 5 months. I'm in my 4th half on Sunday at Tavistock, current PB for the half is 2.17.07. I've just got to try and start enjoying the training, as I only seem to get motivated for races
  •   Sorry to hear that you've pulled out, sinbad. I hope you find the thirty-week plan works for you and that you sort through your personal issues. Happy running image.

      Good luck with the leg, russellelly. I hope your body decides it wants to run that marathon image.

      Hi Steve, welcome to the thread. Respect for the two marathons! You'll have to keep us posted with how that goes. As for finding motivation for training, do you train alone or with people? Perhaps running with a group would gee you up?

      As for my running, I currently feel like I'm on the very edge of what my body can deal with. Last Sunday's long run was a bleak, rainy, psychological-warfare-with-self kind of affair. This Sunday coming is an 18 miler (30km, in fact, as I live in a metric country), so I just hope my body's up for it.

      Happy trails, everyone.



  • I'm still feeling ill but slowly getting better so hopefully I will be out at weekend pounding the pavement again.I've been tempted a couple of times to go out but decided against it, I just hate it when I don't get out.
  •   I agree, Paul. It makes you feel trapped, doesn't it? Good luck on the recovery.

  • Hi all, started rerunning about 9 months ago now...managed my first half marathon in Birmingham in October-now signed up for my first marathon this October in York, have to admit I'm more than a bit daunted by the sheer amount of training needed to not embarass myself!
  • Hi Steve,well done on completing the HM and you must have been fast signing up for York? I missed it and signed up for Loch Ness in September only to hear this week that York are offering more places but can't do both so sticking with LN image

  • Hi Andi, yup jumped at it as soon as it was announced-close to home and relatively flat...perfect first marathon! Lucky enough to get a GNR spot as well, which should fit pretty well with the build up. Considering the Leeds half in May, just as a warm up. LN sounds good as well, though obviously a far greater likelihood of monsters
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    Hi All,

    Russeelley, your doing the right thing with your injury.

    Steve Taylor your very welcome to the thread, training will come in time.

    Perezoso, mentally you will get there. Keep at it.

    Paul Clarke 46 I know the feeling, on not getting out, for me its  the cold weather, were expecting heavy snow over the next few days, and I jsut don't want to get an innjury falling on the ice.

    Steve McAvan traing is daunting but your training is goingin the right direction.

    When is York Andi MCGil? LN will be hilly in places, but the views will be amazing, but I guess you will be concentraining on your running?

    Wow Steve thats soome races your doing.

    I taken on too much  to be honest, I shouuld have looked at some HM at first instead of marothon straight off, as soon as the weather picks up, i will be out there.

    Hope your all okay?



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    Hi Again,

    I miss my Garmin. the I feel underdressed when I go out with out it.

  • Lol at monsters Steveimage 

    Sinbad, York is 20th October, the site says they just have Charity places left but a friend of mine who has registered said there were some extra spaces for their 'friends'. LN should be a good run as long as I don't do the downhill start too quicklyimage

    As for your Garmin I know how you must feel and wish I could just go out and run without my Garmin but like you it's part of my 'kit'.

  • Hi All

    I have done a few half marathons, my last one being Liverpool this weekend, did 2:09 which was 18 minutes off my PB, so VERY happy with that. I am doing Chester marathon in October, my first marathon, I noticed one person on here doing that one, wondered if anybody was doing it. 

    I am absolutely petrified at the thought of running 26 miles. I am just hoping that as the time goes on, and I up the miles when I start training for it, that it wont feel quite so daunting, at the moment cant ever imagine being able to run that far.

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    Hi All,

    You will be fine,just try uping the miles slowly Beverly.

    I'm thinking about doing an October marathon myself,as I have pulled out of the Manchester marathon. |Algthough I got up to 15 miles, it was astruggle. So I'm followingHalHidgon 30 week prgeam.

    I for one feel the same as you, I just want to do a couple of halfmarathons liike yourself before committing to a marathon.

    Hope everyone is okay?

  • I have got a few more planned before the marathon in October.  Doing one in the Netherlands next month, Chester in May and North Wales in August.  At least that will make me keep my miles up, so when it comes to start marathon training I should have a decent mileage base to start with.

     I have read a few of Hal Higdons plans, they look quite good. I go to a running club and our coach did a plan for me for the half, and is going to do a marathon one for me, starting in June.  We shall see how it goes.  Good luck with the training.

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    You to

    You seem to have it all in hand Beverly Goodson, good for you.

  • An 18 minute PB... Nice image

    My leg doesn't seem to be improving much, despite 3 physio appointments this week (with massage, ultrasound and what seemed like a current running through my leg). I feel like my odds of running are slipping away, but haven't written it off yet. If I could do one more week of rest, then get maybe a 14 and 18 miler under my belt I'd feel a lot better. We'll see...
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    HI All,

    Russellelly, try not to lose heart, I'm sure things will improve, one day at a time image


    I willbe honest here, and I hope it helps a little? I'm a binge drinker,I can drink all day everday for upto 3 months, before I start pulling myself out of it (I have PTS caused by childhood  trauma, not military). I started running again, ass it was running and sailing that kept me going (I switched off while training). I have started getting help, and I have good days aand bad, but runnng reaally helps.

    So keep chipping away at it, I'm sure you will get there.

    I took on too much with the Manchester Marathon, but I'm not giving up. I as ne friend elsehwere said work on the 5k (PR) and 10k, and naturally get upto marathon distance, with a few HM, quality not quantity she told me, thats what I will try.

    I justg hope you keep trying, even if its one mile at a time, never give up, maintain what you have now,  then if neceray even walk that one mile.

    Hope everyone is okay?

  • I've got the Chester half in May and I'm hoping to run the Chester in Oct but my training will suffer for 2 weeks as I will be in Tunisia in Sept so not sure what to do yet.
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    Hi All,

    Paul Clarke 46, just enjoy the holiday, do as much or as little as want whilst in Tunisia.

    Chester seems to be popular? I'm just going to try just one training day at a time. See how I feel at the start of Autum.

    Hope all are okay?

  •   Good on you, sinbad, for trying to turn your life around. Very good luck with it, mate!

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