Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one



  • Paulc46 wrote (see)
    Hi All
    I've just been watching London marathon and decided to register for it again to see if I get in this time, fingers crossed.

    Impossible not to get motivated by London. I've applied the last two years, third time lucky maybe? image

    Despite injuries and lack of training in the last few weeks, I'm more determined than ever to run on Sunday. Had an 8 mile run today, felt pretty good. One week today I'll either be a marathoner or a DNFer image I posted a separate thread about pacing (since advice from non-first timers might be more helpful - no offence I hope!).

    Hope anyone doing London did well today.

  • russellelly wrote (see)
    Despite injuries and lack of training in the last few weeks, I'm more determined than ever to run on Sunday.

      That's the spirit! I find myself in a similar boat, russellelly. This week is going to be one big psyche-up. Just sitting here typing this I find that my palms are sweating and my heart-rate is up. I keep needing to remind myself to relax. This state of nervous excitement is going to kill me before I get to Sunday if I'm not careful(!).


  • Hi new to forum, I have entered the portsmouth costal marathon in December, will be my first marathon. Have done a few half marathons and 10 milers,

    Plan on running 3 times a week, hope that's realistic, did a 10 miler today

    Any tips or advice gladly received
  •   Hi Zoe, welcome to the thread. You've got plenty of time to train for Portmouth and if you're already running 10 miles, you've got no problems. I'd check out Hal Higdon or MyAsics (in the 'Running' tab) training guides. They both seem to be very popular around here. Higdon has you running four times a week, but with MyAsics you can choose three or four.

      Happy running!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Sorry I not been posting I... To be honest, I have suffered a mental breakdown.

    I've not run for a few weeks no, and I have only just got back from working on my boat for 2 weeks. Thats like doing a 5k run, its exhausting.

    I'm so pleased people have still been posting in my absence, good on you all.

    There's too much to read back on, but good luck for those running their first marathon sometime over the next two weeks or so. Keep us all informed on how well you have done.

    I'm back home now, alas. But I hope to go for a 5k walk sometme Thursday.

    Hope your all well.

  •   Sorry to hear about your mental battles, sinbad. I hope things are on the up now. Having a boat must give you a great means of escape, though. They say that water is soothing. What do you think? Enjoy your walk today!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Not been for walk today Perezoso, too much washing to do lol. Thanks for comment to, I hope I'm slowly pulling back now.

    Yes the sea can be soothing, even in storms, most of the two weeks in the harbour were strong winds. It was like being on the fair ground ride the twister, sleeping at night lol.

    Which marathon are you doing Perezoso, is it the Manchester one?

  •   No, not Manchester, I'm doing Madrid. I've kept a diary of my progress in this thread. I envy you your time on the boat. Living here in the middle of Spain, the thing I miss the most is the sea. I was back in Blighty over Easter to visit my parents near Brighton and I had a great run along the cliffs from Peacehaven to the marina. If I close my eyes I can still smell the salt and hear the gulls!

  • Perezeso, all the best for Sunday. I really just want to get on with it and see what happens now. Will let you all know how I get on image EEEK!

  • Perezoso, good luck on Sunday hope you enjoy the day.

    Sinbad, welcome back, good to hear you're ok, keep us up to date with your training progress

    Zoe, welcome, I'm following a Hal Higdon plan for my marathon in 5 weeks. Running 4 times a week seems to work for me.

    Me, well I've joined one of my local clubs to give me some other running rather than running on my own all the time. I've been on two club runs, both of which have been quite hilly! I've got 19 to do on Sunday, when I've finished it will be the furthest I've ever run! The weather is supposed to be a bit cooler so that should help.

  •   Thanks, russellelly and Gary F. And good luck right back at you, russellelly! Gary, that feeling of doing something you've never done before every time you do a new long run is great. For weeks I've been telling myself hey, every week a new adventure!

      Happy trails everyone!


    fids wrote (see)

    Well done Darcy, as Russellelly said, it's the fact that you finished even when the going got tough. congrats marathoner. Do you think you'll do it again?

    I'm thinking of putting in for London on Monday....!!image

    Thanks guys.....coming to terms with my time now and as you say....I'm a marathoner...!! image

    Went for a little 2 mile run last Friday to see how the knee felt.....was still really painful and I've had to have more physio image hoping to rest for another week and see how it feels.

    Hope everyone is training well and good luck to anyone with upcoming marathons..!! 

  • I am new to this thread have read some of your first marathon experiences with keen interest particulalry Fruityloops experience as I have had injury problems myself. I am doing the Milton Keynes Marathon on 6th May. Because of my injury problems I am no longer chasing a time I just wan to get round. 9 days to go so too late to do much more now. Am planning to walk for a minute every km and hope for the best.


  • Training going well for Chester half in 2 weeks, 13 mile run in morning and rest day on Sunday. Putting in for London on Monday.

  • Hi All,

    I did the 13.2 mile run this morning and got a PB I knocked over 6mins off my previous time and got 1hr 55mins 40secs, I'm pleased with that, as it was a fairly hilly course.

  • Hi, new to this thread, I am doing my first marathon in August. 

    this my first 12 miles last week and didn't ache after it which is always a bonus. 

    Not rigidly following a plan, just making sure that on my long run I increase mileage weekly. 

    I am doing the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 trail Marathon. Anyone else doing this?!

  • Hi Fruityloops.  I'm doing the Manchester marathon 2moro, can't wait to get stuck in, am excited rather than nervous.  Have trained religiously for the past 16 wks so no worries about not getting the distance (barring accidents). image

     Glad to hear your coming to terms with your excellent achievement.

  •   Good luck to everyone running their first marathon tomorrow! See you on the other side!

  • 4:36:42! Couldn't be happier. Perfect weather, leg mostly behaved itself and just felt really good for most of it. 


    Perezoso, fids, hope you had as amazing a day?

  •   Well done russellelly! Brilliant time! I completed Madrid in 04:48:52 and I'm also very happy. I've posted my race report here.

    How did you go, fids?

  • Russel and Perezoso, very well done on your times. Excellent efforts for first timers.

  • So, race report...

    On Saturday, I was feeling so nervous. Felt like I was mad for even trying, but carbed up (chips are carbs, right?) and got a relatively early night. Slept surprisingly well (despite marathon dreams) and woke up in good time. A few slices of toast, and went to the bus stop. Except, the road was closed becuase of the marathon and there were no buses! It was only 3km, but I could have done without it. Got to the start just on time.

    Started off right at the back with the 5:00 pace group, but despite trying very hard to pace myself I just couldn't stick to their pace, I think I was just bursting with energy because of the event. Settled into 10min/mile pace which felt right. 

    The start of the race was the most scenic, taking in the Rynek (main market square) and the castle. Was feeling good, but still very aprehensive that there was such a long way to go, so much untested (my longest run had been 16 miles, 7 weeks before the race!). Saw my mum at mile 6 which was a boost, and also saw a student from the school I work in who was racing, we shouted encouragement at each other.

    From halfway to mile 20 felt like a long way, and my right knee started feeling sore.  Took a few walking breaks (of a minute or so) which seemed to help. Also had some spray on it by the medical folk.

    Mile 20 came, didn't really feel 'the wall', but obviously was getting tired. Managed to pass a fair number of people, even as my own pace was dropping. I think at that point I knew I could do it, so just felt less pressure. There was a horrible loop for the last 1km which was a real stuggle as I could see the end but was having to go away from it first. Nevertheless, I finished! 4:36:42, which given I was worried about the 6 hour cutoff was incredible.

    The race was so cheap and well-organised, can definitely recommend it for anyone thinking about next year. Thanks for all the support on the thread, has helped along the way image

  • Well done to everyone that raced over the weekend. I've just entered the ballot for London marathon again so fingers crossed.

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Wow some fantastic running well done russell and Peresozo and others.

    Well I'm finally back in training, Sunday and Monday did 5k. I'm so trying very hard to just follow my own running, not Hal Higdon or others. But I'm so impressed with all your running keep at it!!

    Welcome to new comers, never did I think 200 posts ago that this thread would would seem to be growing from strength to strength.

    For those who have run thier first marathons, your experience is very welcomed in here for those hoping to do their own first time marathon later this year.

    But I would like to add that I have noticed that people wander elsewhere after their first marathon which is natural, yet. I feel that its so important to keep hold of contacts and running friends already built up over the months here. I hope this happens.

    I'm up and down at the moment, with the thread, as its the sailing season, and am only just learning how to use the internet on my own mobile. But I will try my best to keep up with you all.

    Happy training.

  • Well done Russelelly & Perezoso....fantastic times...!! image

    Russelelly.....u done amazingly considering your longest run was only 16 miles...!! You must be really proud...!!

    I've put in for the ballot for london 2014 too...!! image 

  • Good luck with the ballot fruityloops!

  •   For all those London-bound, good luck with the ballot!

      Today I'm still in full on recovery mode after Sunday's marathon. It's going to be a good few days before I'm able to run again, but I will definitely be continuing. I won't be running another marathon this year, but next year - who knows? Now I've got a time to beat ... image

  • Hi all - I am new to running and I've just signed Ito for a half marathon The Royal Parks in London in October. 

    I have a training plan which I've compiled from reading lots and downloaded apps on my iPhone.

    my biggest concern is eating? When ? How much? And what?? 

    Ill be running mostly in the evening. I am quite fussy with food - I eat potatoes rice bread chicken eggs red meat fruit and veg but allergic to nuts not a fan of sweet potatoe pulses or lentils.

    i get up for work at 0430 everyday so eating a "big breakfast" is hard at that time.

    i generally have toast or cereal then around 0900 have a yogurt or fruit.

    Then at lunchtime have a chicken/ ham sandwich with fruit.

    then main meal around 1800 

    id be planning my runs around 1900/2000 three times a week. Is it best to eat my main meal at lunchtime have a snack at about 4pm then eat some toast with a spread after my run? 

  • Any advise welcome and any links for plans would be great help 

    i want to get fit run my half marathon and raise money for charity but the whole eating thing is worrying the heck outta me image 

    laura xxxx

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    The best thing I can suggest is listen to your mind and body, and what it is saying to you. If you feel you need to eat more then do so, or the reverse eat less. I have found that that it changes as you increase or decrease my distance. But everyones different.

    I didn't do my Manchester marathon this year. The weather beat me here in West Yorkshire ( I live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales). We had 8 weeks of nothing but storms gale force winds, ice and blizzards. There was just no way I could make up those 8 weeks in time (I had reached 15 miles in 5 hours on first really long run).

    So I'm starting from scratch again, doing 5k in 53 minutes. I know its slow, but my route is nothing but hills. The advantage of that is, when I go to see my mum in South Manchester, the runs there are more or less flat, therefore my runs are much faster.

    Nice to hear from you Laura Hackett.

    No run today, felt a little tired trying to listen to me body a lot more). I'm hoping to do a run early Wednesday, enjoy your evenning people.

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