Compact Coat

I run into work every morning and tend to get the bus home. I'm struggling to find a compact coat/jacket that I can fit in my running backpack which is also warm and fashionable enough to wear home in the evening. If anyone has any suggestions for an extremely compact yet warm and fashionable jacket I would be very grateful


  • If it's just for getting home from work, does it really need to be "fashionable enough to wear home in the evening"?

    I'd go for practical and functional over fashionable.  


  • I think there's a limit as to how fashionable a running jacket can be while still keeping you warm. Ideally, you want one of the windproof fabrics that can be squished up to pocket size and unfortunately there is no getting away from the fact that those look a bit like shell suit jackets. Plus those windproof, sweat wicking fabrics smell a bit after a couple of wears so you might not want to wear it home in the evening if you've had a really sweaty run earlier in the day (just something to consider when working out how much to spend!)

    I've got a Montane Marathon jacket in fluorescent yellow (stylish image ) which is the best in terms of performance, and a Sweaty Betty Velocity jacket in teal which looks the best - but that was last year's collection, this year they've changed the shape a bit and done it in royal blue one which doesn't look as good.

    I like the look of this purple one by Gore or if you want to spend a bit more, the white one by Sugoi . Adidas by Stella McCartney have a running jacket but I haven't tried it personally so can't say how well it performs, and if you ask me - it looks a bit like a bin bag!

    Strider's Edge are worth a look too, the owner used to design for Sweaty Betty so they are a bit more stylish than some outdoor brands.

    Hopefully one of those links might help!

  • You could get a down jacket for the winter - packs down pretty well and its bloody warm. As to fashionable - depends on what you think.
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