Fun2Tri events

Am I missing something obvious?  Someone has asked me about trying this triathlon and asked whether they should enter the fun or super sprint event.  They seem to be the same distance and I can't see anything describing what makes them different?



  • There must be a typo somewhere as the distances are the same...

  • there are prizes for the super sprint maybe more competitive

  • You have to smile all the way round on the Fun one - makes the swim more interesting image

  • With the Fun one you won't get a discount if you are a member of BTF, but you do with the Sprint, soFun probably intended for once only racers

  • It is the same distance.

    They bought the category in when some speed merchants who should have been doing the sprint version dropped down to the super sprint pot hunting, when they started posting quick times it scared a few people off entering so they changed it and called it fun event


  • Thanks.  I've passed on the info and suggested the fun one so she avoids the competitive bit.  And advised her that the fun one *requires* her to smile the whole way round image

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭
    Love the description of their Birmingham course, fast flat and road traffic free. First 500m out of T1 is uphill and the bit between Keepers Pool and the visitor centre is badly rutted and has speed humps. Throw in people walking their dogs, kids cycling etc and IMO it's a dangerous route.
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