Lydd Half Marathon

Has anyone done or doing the Lydd Half Marathon this Sunday? 10th March.

I do not drive and just realised what a nightmare I am going to have getting there. Can anyone give advice?  I do not want to miss out on it


  • not done the race but know the area well - and yes, unless you drive it's not an easy place to get to

    the nearest train station is either Rye or Appledore but both are about 10 miles away so you'd need to get a cab (Rye would be better for cabs as there's very little infrastructure at Appledore).

    there's an hourly service on Sundays from either Hastings or Ashford (depends where you're travelling from) and either takes about 20mins to Rye - then about 20mins in a cab to Lydd

  • If you have a bike take it with you on the train, if it's only about 10 miles.

    As you haven't got a car, why didn't you look to see how you'd get there before you entered? Where are you? Some big town with lots of public transport? 

  • I know I should have checked. My bad!! And yes I live in London. I didn't think it would be that hard getting to it from where I am. Lesson learned
  • Hi Kerry, only just spotted your post. Wish I'd seen it before as we ended up driving down and could have given you a lift (I posted a couple of weeks before you about also having problems reaching it..)


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