South Cheshire 20M



  • thanks Piotr, you just reminded me I still needed to enter ... so now officially entered

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Looks really good but clashes with Lake Vyrwy HM ... will consider this for next year though!


  • Tempted to do this in prep for the Dublin marathon in Oct. Looks very interesting from mile 9 to 13! image

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    Nice little write-up in RW print edition for September - hoping the weather is a bit more cheerful this year! 

    We're getting on for half full now with seven weeks to go. Still fully expect there to be entries on the day, though it's not inconceivable we'll fill up.

  • Hi Guys, I've just seen this thread and had no idea there was such a race in crewe/nantwich.  It's my home town and now live in Rugby.  I'm doing the chester marathon as my first one and this really caught my eye as my parents still live in Nantwich and I'm a frequent visitor.

    I would love to consider this as training for Chester but the 250 max participants puts me off unfortunately. I'm not the worlds quickest and would never want to come near the end of the pack as that would just put me off completely. If there were more runners I'd definitely be there...think some more publicity may be in need for this! Can't wait to see it in the September edition!

  • Vicky, I'm hoping to do this one as a pre-York training run, and I'm not fast. If it helps, I came through 20 miles at my last marathon in 3.32. And that was obviously a,race, not a training run. I think an organised 20 miler with marshals, water etc is just what you need pre-marathon so don't be put off.

  • Hi Vicky - I would refer you to two things: 1) The last finisher last year came in in 4hrs 17mins, and 2) have a look at the feedback section for the race. You will (quite honestly) never get such enthusiastic support from marshals as you do at our race. They pride themselves on it, and I promise you won't feel abandoned. 

    The 250 limit is self-imposed just because a fair bit of the race is on country lanes with no footpaths. But to be honest, there isn't the mass appeal to 20-milers that we could attract many more anyway. If you have any ideas how we could publicise it better without spending money (which the race doesn't make), I'd genuinely be glad to hear them.

    Hope we see you and Susan on the 15th!

  • Let me come straight to the point. This race is brilliant.

    It is life-affirming.

    You would have to travel far to find a friendlier set of marshalls.The course is great.

    I too used to marshall at this event but now I run it with pride for it is the best race I know of, despite my club-member bias!

    Enter it won't regret it!

    Chris (SCH)


  • Forgot to say I've now entered image

  • A warning that on-the-day entry may now be extremely limited as we are close to the race limit. Postal closing date is Tuesday and online entry will close this weekend. Please enter asap to be sure of a place.

    Apologies for late notice - unprecedented demand this year, and I've just had a slightly delayed update from one of the online entry systems that turned out to have over 30 new entries in it!

  • Hi again, hopefully anyone on here who intended to enter has done so, as I'm afraid the race is now full - no entries on the day, and a record field for the event. 

    See you next Sunday.

  • Looking forward to it!  Due to various boring combinations of illness and injury never actually managed a 20 miler before 2 previous marathons so this will be a real luxury. 

  • Good Evening,

    I was told about this race today and annoyed I missed out. 

    Without knowing the transfer policy, If anyone knows of a couple places, please let me know. 

    Many Thanks


  • Anyone got a spare place? If so I'll buy it off you

  • I was hoping to enter as well but unfortunately I see the race is now full.  Similar to Mark and David above if anyone is not able to do it let me know.  Thanks.

  • Hi good luck to everyone x Got a feeling I might be last, been out injured for a bit but did 16 mile this wkd however it took 3 hours. Hopefully can move up by four miles.

    See you on Sunday x



  • Just noticed this forum, so hello all.

    Glad I got my entry in. Looking forward to it.

    Did this race last year and the weather was awful (heavy rain all day) so glad the date has been moved back later in the year. The marshalls are great in this. Good course.

    See you all on Sunday.


  • Can't believe how quickly this race has come round!  Very much looking forward to it - it certainly beats doing a 20 mile training run by yourself.

    Does anybody happen to know if there'll be any sports drinks available at any of the aid stations or is it all water?  Just trying to plan some sort of nutrition strategy.  For the bargain entry fee of this race I'd imagine it's only water but just thought I'd ask.  Many thanks!

  • Hi folks

    Yes, just tap water in cups at water stations for the reasons you note; the budget doesn't extend to anything fancier. There will be some sweets/pieces of Mars Bar at one of the stations, and also some squash, but if you need energy drink I'm afraid you'll have to carry it or hide it on the course beforehandimage

    We will accept transfers but would prefer to be notified before the day if possible as it'll be very busy on race morning with most people collecting numbers on the day.

  • Thanks Charlie - yep, that's more than reasonable for the superb entry price.  Will look out for the mars bar pieces image

  • On the thrilling subject of PARKING: please read & pass on.

    Parking on Sunday will be tighter than usual with a capacity field, so please car share where possible. Race HQ is Shavington Leisure Centre & High School (adjoining buildings) and there are car parks on both the leisure centre and the school side. We do not have sole use of the leisure centre car park, but we do have earliest use of it, so the sooner you arrive, the more spaces we'll bag. (Number collection is from 8am). 

    There is also an overflow car park at the farm opposite the centre, to which you will be directed as and when needed, and there is also a lay-by in Rope Hall Lane (a turning on the school side of the buildings) that will take five or six cars.

    Please on no account park in Rope Lane, the main road that passes in front of the school. 

    Map of immediate area:

    Many thanks.

  • Sorry in advance about the weather, especially to any of you who endured last year's  image

  • Oh my goodness.....the WEATHER!!! Fun fun fun!!

  • Did this May feeling ever!! Support amazing. Scenery great. Excited...nervous tho....

  • Really looking forward to this race in prep for Dublin but not liking the weather forecast.  


    Will be setting off nice and early from Leeds.  Any other Leeds, West Yorks folk venturing across the Pennines? 

  • Not setting off from Leeds, but setting off nice and early from Wrose, Shipley.

    Weather looks awful, same as last years race, but never mind.

    See everyone there.


  • Brilliant race, loved it. All the marshall/runners were really positive and friendly. Thought I'd struggle with the miles but the atmosphere got you through. Thanks for a great run and will be back next year.


  • Thanks to everyone who ran today - glad the weather cooperated and hope you enjoyed it (and travelled back safely, those who came from further afield). We had about four or five unclaimed vet prizes which will go in the post tomorrow. Results should be online tonight, and in due course you'll find freely downloadable photos of yourselves at Bryan Dale's brilliant Racephotos site: (Worth checking back as Bryan usually takes loads and uploads them in stages.)

    Meanwhile, if this link works and the privacy settings play ball, there are some from around 18 miles here:

  • Thank you Charlie and your team - what a fantastic race!  Mile markers were accurate, marshals were superb (despite the weather!), aid stations were well-manned, t-shirt is great, cakes were tasty.....I could go on and on.  Superb value for money.  I travelled a long way for this race and I'm so glad I did.

  • Music to my ears image

    Do come back!

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