Talkback: Brooks Pure Flow

Hi all, I have been running in Brooks Pure Flow for last month or so with no issues, really enjoyed them - transisition to fore foot running going better that I could imagine. Weather has been good for last couple of weeks and haven't done much running in the wet in them.

However ran my first race on damp ground in them at the weekend (did same race/route 3 weeks earlier with no issues), although it wasn't raining the ground was damp and i noticed a slight slip on these when running fast.

Not great thinking of trying the Cadence.

 FYI - same posting on Cadence page..


  • I've not had any grip problems in the wet with them
  • If you want better grip maybe try grits - not sure cadence has advantage in grip over flows - it's a stability shoe.

    I haven't had much problems with grip on wet in flows either - they are useless in mud though, and all pure range shoes will be. 

  • The grit 2's are much improved grip wise!
  • Thanks all for updates, Pure are good but feel a bit slippy when running very fast in damp.


    Have few more miles to do in these before looking and have the "summer" weather ahead - which should be drier....

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