Shoulder pain when swimming


Just after a bit of advice, currently well stuck into the fink plan for outlaw but my swim has fallen apart. After about 15 mins I get a pain in the front of my right shoulder, its a real tender spot I can put my finger on. Its so painful the last 3 sessions I have abandoned after less than 30mins.

Just wondering If anybody had any suggestions for what to do? should I rest or try and go through it?

Anybody got any suggestions for strengthening/stretching exercises that might help?

many thanks


  • could be swimmers shoulder

    If it is you need to stop the swimming and get it sorted ... 

    • Ice the shiolude 3 times a day for 20mins ... a bag of frozen peas
    • Use ibrophen gel/pills
  • Sounds like something worth getting checked out, you could go to the Dr's or do you have agood sports physio you could get to take a look? My shoulders improving with regular sports massage as it's due to an old muscle imbalance so I have several really persistant knots.

  • I've had something similar but in my left shoulder.  Mine turned out to be an issue with a chair at work of all things, it was making me lean one way and swimming was stretching it!

    I'd say rest it and see what happens, pain is there to tell you something's not quite right so making it hurt can never be a good thing.  It could be something as simple as you pulling harder with one arm than the other but do get it checked out.

  • I'm not a fan of 'Wait and see'

    This is due to the fact if you wait and see and it does not improve, you may be tempted to wait a bit longer ... Then how may see since and go and see a physio ... Hopefully in that time it has not got any worst. And the physio works his magic ... Tells you what is wrong ... Tells you what to do. And when you can get back and how.

    So you have wasted all that wait and see ... You may have even mad it worst.

    If you are training for something that is important and your A race and you injure ... Go and get it looked at straight away .. .. Less risk ... Les down time
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