Goggle fogging

Just a quickie.

My goggles fog up like a bugger when I am swimming. Any suggestions for how to stop it?

I heard suggestions of spit, washing up liquid etc but just wondered if anyone had any bright ideas



  • don't know the answer but seem to remember someone on here trying washup liquid and just eyes full of suds


  • as David says allow you google to reach the approiat temprateure ... put them in the water for a while


    rathe than washup liquid use baby shampoo its more gentel if you get it in your eyes. one tiny drop of baby shampoo into each goggle and rub it around to make sure the lenses are coated well. Rinse lightly, but don't rub the lenses as you rinse so that a light coating of the shampoo remains on the lenses.


    You can but anti-fog spry BUT i've never tried this

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I use a spray I got from wiggle called aqua sphere. its a tiny bottle for about £5 but i only need to give each lens a couple of squirts and its then good for about 4 to 5 weeks. 

  • washing up liquid works - when you remember to do it

    otherwise a good gob on the lens, wipe around and rinse works well enough

    and re: cold water fogging - yes, it will happen and until the water warms up enough to reduce the temp differential between the water and your eye sockets, then get used to swimming in a fog.....image

  • I spit.  Classy burd

  • When I used to dive the popular story was that the anti-fog sprays were filled by divemasters gobbing into them.

    I'm a lick and rinse boy.

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