Training for life or the Outlaw



  • Well said PSC.
  • Longer supported ride sounds just the ticket for everyone, can take it at your own pace and it's a massive boost to be able to do the distance in training with no pressure .. There could be a good group of us going out for 112 with the option of me bending your ear about taking the long route if the day is going wellimage,  not because I am anything of a cyclist but just because I'm bloody minded enough to give it a goimage.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Just bouncing this up - anyone else fancy it - i'm going down with a couple of others if anyone fancies riding it in a group.

  • I'll be there image

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Hmm, weather forecast not looking good, still time for it to change yet.

    Think we are planning on a 7.30 start - probably be wearing Derby club kit if anyone is around at the start then.

  • hoping to be off as close to 7 as they allow

    you will prop catch me by 8 then pops


  • The 70.3 at Wimbleball has screwed up my carefully made plans pre Outlaw  and I now have to pull out of the 152 ( and even the 112 would be a stretch at this point ). Looking back over this thread some were keen others thought it to close, it's a personal thing in the end.

    I don't wish to ruin Outlaw for the chance of a long bike ride so I am out, and resting!image

    Good luck to all those doing flat -out , and see some of you at Outlawimage

  • Got my pack through so I'm all set but it looks like I need to check the weather forecast.

  • heard some talk of weather but that is nothing new this Summer! Good luck and have a great timeimage

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Thank God that is over - that wind was horrible !

  • Well that didn't go according to plan, gears broke at 75 miles and finally got picked up by the broom wagon at 90 miles. But all was going well up until that happened and I was on track for 8 hrs until then. Dad's talked me through a temporary fix and is going to do a proper one sometime before Outlaw. So all good in the long run and something else I can now fix roadside should it happen again.

    Was great to see O.range Canon and Gastank, it sound like being a lab rat is a lot harder work than being a Finker!

    Bring on the taper image

  • that was a tough day - head wind was a bit of a bugger..

    Pleased to go easy over the day then still have somwthing left at the end - the last hour was my strongest of the day.

    that was the longest ride I have done so farimage

  • i told you it was flat where i live - i had 60 miles of head wind the other week so what i lose in hill training i gain in resistance training image


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    You aren't wrong - that long straight section along the dyke (or whatever it was) was like climbing a mountain.    Last hour my legs were fried but I one of the guys I set off with was still full of riding and you can't ask your mates to slow down can you.    5.29 for the medium but feeling it now.   

  • 5.29 is an amazign time, I got round in 7:30 elapsed, but suffered the stolen signage and stopping to check if someone was ok after a crash. The last 45-50 miles is brutal. Really brutal.

    Ali, if you came back on the broom, was it with a van full of people? Did you collect your goody bag? It may have been me that passed it across image You weren't in Pirate gear were you?

    Nice to (very briefly) meet OC too

  • Yes there were 5 of us in the van. I did get my goody bag, sorry I didn't realise it was you, my only pirate kit was my water bottle as it was too cold for a Monaco!

    Feel a bit stupid to have not been able to fix my gears but it's much better that it happened yesterday than at Outlaw and if I hadn't done yesterday then Outlaw would have been where it went wrong! 90 miles is not a bad end to my peak training either.

  • Yesterday was the 4th time I've done that event and that was by some margin the hardest one of the lot


  • I can't wear my pirate gear when I'm helping image


  • looks like I passed up and a real tough day , well done everyoneimage, I remember a dyke along the side of the road from last year , that whole area was ''sapping'', good training for Outlaw

  • Having done fens I KNOW I can do the outlaw bike image

  • oh yesimage

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