pace to fast in Training Runs

I'll get straight to the point.I am a delivery Postman who works 6 days a week.Because I do a quite physical Job and am normally tired anyway I do my training straight after work.After walking for 5-6 hours a cup of Coffee and then Gym.I tend to go for speed rather than a slow steady run as junk miles seem a waste of time.Trouble is I am doing most of my runs at near race pace and am struggling to get more than 20 miles aweek under my belt.I feel good for a couple of days then totally shattered.                                         



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I think you have answered your own question with the title.

    Slow a lot of your runs down a bit. Maybe do only 1 or 2 fast runs per week and do the rest at an easy pace.
  • Totally agree with Millsy, almost word for word what I had in mind to answer when I scrolled down.

    Hi Nampster, unfortunately those "junk" miles (I suspect you mean slow by that?) are what stop you from feeling exhausted whilst upping your mileage. Would you expect to do a speed session a couple of days after a marathon? Realistically not but that is what you are trying to replicate with your training runs at the moment. Sloooow it down. 

    Take it from someone who was doing the same as you not so long ago because I just couldn't grasp the concept of running slow and was also strapped for time, out the house at 5 home after 7. Your body will thankyou. 

  • I once spoke to a former commonwealth games marathon runner about 'junk' miles and was immediately shot down. 'Theres no such thing' is what he said.

    Easy running forms at least 80% of most training plans.

    Granted, you probably have a solid aerobic base from all the walking you do. But I'd keep to a maximum of 2 quality days a week (preferably separated by two rest days). The rest of the running you can manage should be at an easy/conversational pace.

  • Thanks for your feedback guys.In 2006 I ran The london Marathon in 3.30.For 5 months previous to this I ran about 40 miles per week at never faster than 8 min miles.It worked for me then....since uping my pace my milage at race times have deteriated.

    Time to go back to basics.


  • A lot of people think that the easy miles are junk miles.   They are the major building block of an aerobic base.   As you get fitter the aerobic pace gets quicker, therefore your faster paces become quicker.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Like Spen says. And a better definition for those who don't say all running is beneficial, is that junk miles are those that prevent you getting your quality work in.

    If you're doing all your training too fast, and then not hitting the proper paces on the quality session, those are in effect junk as they're screwing the overall picture.

    I used to see a woman who has run for Britain out running at what looked like an exceptionally slow pace, even being on the phone during it sometimes!

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