I thought i would post here as a new runner who is working on the C25K programme to maybe offer some encouragement to others and to blow my own trumpet a little at the same time.

If you search for my posts you will see that I asked for alot of advice at the turn of the year and had not run for almost 20 years. Weighing 195lbs I was heavy, unfit and daunted by running a 10k that I am training for.

Well I am now 2 months into the programme and have stuck to it religiously. My first run was like 3 minutes and I had to go home with shin splints. I am now starting week 8 and have tonight run for 28 minutes + 10 minutes walking.

Having lost 18lbs in weight by eating sensibly (mainly tuna and rice, salad and veg) I feel great.

What I am trying to say is all us fat, overweight people, who are unfit do have a future if you put the effort in.

Get to it folks and dont give up, it will come good and you will feel great.

My first race ever will be 10k in Manchester, and whilst i dont expect to be fast I know in my own heart I will complete it without walking if i stick to my plan.



  • Congratulations, feels great doesn't it? Keep it up and good luck in your 10k image
  • John, congratulations for your improvement! I've been dipping into/out of running for about 3 years and remember my first day of C25k and after less than 90 seconds was ready to give up (heaving at the side of the road). I managed to run 5k in 28:42, the next was 30:02 then I gave up.

    I did a little running at the start of 2012 but gave up again after 3 months and picked it up again Autumn last year. A few weeks ago it finally clicked and whilst I wasn't running fast I was running too fast (or me) each time I went out, on average covering about a mile before a walk break. 10 days ago I signed up for the Loch Ness Marathon (Sept 13) and began base training and slowed down with a target of 12mm. Guess what, on Saturday I ran 7 miles without a walk break and 'conquered' 3 hills I have always walked up.

    I'm really enjoying my 'running' now and a firm believer in slowing down to improve. I even handicap myself by smoking and drinkingimage

  • That is good going Andi, i think stories like this hopefully encourage other new runners showing it definately works with the right attitude.

  • Well done fatty! image

  • Yes, massive "well done"s all round!

  • Rob Walker 12 wrote (see)

    Yes, massive "well done"s all round!

    plus one

    I agree run sloooooow is the way ahead, I think that newbie runners are so paranoid about appearring slow that they fixate on pace as  where more experienced runners will happily knock out miles of slow pace knowing the benefite it brings

    Keep going guys and remember to enjoy every landmark achievement along the way

  • Forget fad diets, forget gastric bands, forget 'bad genes'.

    Start burning more calories than you consume and the weight will come off. It didn't go on over night, so let it come off slow and steady too.

    Great to read such a positive thread and more power to you for it.
  • Yeah, well done both John and Andi, a great effort. Keep it going and good luck with the races.
  • Keep it up John and enjoy the journey.
  • Hi John. I'm 252lb and finished C25K a couple of weeks ago. Have managed to run 5k non stop last couple of week averaging 30 mins. I've just started another programe 5Kto10K downloading Suz's 'From 5k to 10k Running Podcast off itunes. Works so far for me

  • Well I'm a former lurker on here who tried running 2011 exactly 2 years ago for 5 times in one month then gave up. I'm about to try again. Just chickened out of a run tonight.

    The one thing I remember, which I worked out for myself, only run at a pace that you can sing to. Pick a favorite song with the right tempo and every so often sing it out loud. If you can't get a verse out slow down. Either that or run with someone and chat to them. I also read that advice on here.
  • Starting to run is just like training and running the Marathon it's self image 

    I used to have every excuse in the book not to run until my wife (who is a Runner) wanted to do a half mara on her birthday.I piped up that I will also do it ..then one of my work mates overheard me and started laughing "you will never be able to run a half marathon" I started on a treadmill,found that quite difficult so went out for a mile run,forgot that if I ran for a mile I also had to run back image (damn treadmill) and havn't looked back since

    I will be running London (a dream I had when I watched it as a boy) which will be my second Marathon and also joining you (and a few other thousand) in Manchester (hope for a PB uner 50 minutes) keep up the good work image

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