The Wirksworth Wiggle 10K

New event but wondered if anyone knew much about the likely course?


  • Yes mate, what do you want to know? image

    Basically out of the station and up 'The Dale' (non closed roads). Then onto public footpaths across the quarry and field. Road crossing (marshaled, be prepared to stop until permitted to cross by the marshal) onto final footpath across the field until you hit the high peak trail (about 2km steady uphill). Follow the trail and then loop around to the same place as you started on the HIgh Peak trail (Middleton top visitor centre). From here head down 'The Incline'  on the high peak trail until the stone centre and then follow a country lane back to the road the station is on.

    It can be seen here:

    As you say, it's a new event, fairly low key but should be a good race...hopefully!

  • Thanks for the reply Mick. I don`t know the area but sounds fun so I`ve pencilled it in. Owt for kids to do in the area? And trail shoes needed?

  • It's not far to the local leisure centre but I'm not too sure what else there is for the kids? If your kids will be with an adult, or if they're old enough, it's close enough to drop them off at Carsington Reservoir (which has a good size kids park) but they'd have to wait to be picked up post race. Failing all that, once you've started your run they could walk down to the town, quick visit to a sweet shop (I'm sure there must be one!) and then head back to see you finish. I'm going to be interested in seeing how many family members/kids are in attendance as I was toying with the idea of getting a bouncy castle - maybe for future events if it would be useful?

    As for trail shoes, if you've got them then you could wear them mainly for the field sections but if you haven't then it wouldn't be a problem as most of the run will be on hard enough surface for road shoes.

  • There is a fine, traditional sweet shop across from the Market Place. Kids could also visit the aforementioned Stone Centre (on the hill above the start), or pop down to the Heritage Centre to play in the 'Dream Cave'.

  • I've recently been reminded that Wirksworth was the setting for some of the filming for 'Peak Practice' so that should give you an idea of the sceneryimage

  • Thanks. That`s really helpful. I`m following a marathon programme and I need a 10k race that weekend so see you there!

  • I hope you enjoy the race!! Let me know what you think afterwards?

  • Did you come along? I'd be interested to hear what you thought. I have another planned for June 23rd, The Hathersage Hustle - based from Hathersage Fire Station

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