Colchester Half Marathon 2013

Any one doing CHM on Sunday 17th March? 


  • Yes, me.  Not sure if it is sold out but apparently not taking anymore bookings

  • I am. I am particularly looking forwards to seeing the cavalry charge of the first mile hitting North hill image

  • is that the hill that goes up past the theatre?


  • It is the hill that comes up at the end of the High street close to the theatre. There are two that run parallel. The course is all downhill at the start so anyone getting carried away is going to be swept down past the train station before hitting the hill. The first water station will be busy!

  • Ran this last year,good course,and well organised,i didn't experience any problems,ie traffic etc..big climb after a couple of miles,which took my breath caution early on for me this year...its quite a hill..hope to go under 1.30as have been training hard last couple of months...but you never know on the day...good luck to all..oh and last year there was a strange switch back at the think your nraerly done,then your of again,for another 100 metres...weird but thats life.

  • Ran it today, didn't think the steep hill at 2 miles was a real problem, the long incline at about 4 or 5 was probably worse, but generally a flat fast course.  Well organised and marshalled, enjoyed the run

  • Well done JF50. I didn't think the course was as bad as some people have found it. The country part was nice, even if I did suffer a bit about eight mile point. Ran last half with a Harlow runner, a top bloke who I hadn't ever met before. I would recommend this event to anyone who wants to do it next year. Some people say they had issues with some drivers, but a) organisers can't control everything and b) this seemed to happen at the tail end of the event. You get a medal, a T-shirt and goody bag, all standard stuff, no great shakes, but personally this is not at all important for me, it is preparing for and completing the event that matters. Big thank you to the volunteers and marshalls for giving up their free time. Gawd don't I go on sometimes.image

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