Ironman Bolton or Wales

Planning my first Ironman in 2014 and cannot decide between Bolton or Wales,

Can anyone answer the following questions?

  • Is one easier than the other? (Could make a difference)
  • When usually do the race entries’ open?
  • What is the cost of race entry?

 Thanks for any advice.


  • Afternoon Browne,

    the bike course for Wales is harder than IMUK

    entries normally open the day after the race- however, this year is the last year that IMW and IMUK hold the franchise for their respective events so it's possible there may be a new venue and course.

    IMW is £375 this year until the end of the week when it rises to £415, IMUK has already sold out this year but I guess the cost would have been comparable.

    If you're not fussed about the IM branding there are stacks of alternative Iron length tris in the UK

  • Hi there Browne

    You wouldn't perchance be A Browne Lee?

    Yeah, as FF says above. IMWales boasts about it being the hardest on the whole IM circuit. However, it's a lovely part of the world, the local supporters love it, and the sheep are MUCH prettier.
    The sea at Tenby can be beautifully sheltered, or it can rival Hawaii for surfing.

    For me, I'm going to do Challenge Henley as my first Iron distance. Branded IM can wait until I know what horrors await. I need to know that I am going to get as far as the bike at least.

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