Skyline120 Braintree 5M

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Is anyone else on here doing this race?


  • Will give it a go. Do you know what the course is like?
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    Quite quick if my memeory serves me correctly. (mind I did 50 minutes when I ran it so I may be wrong!!!)

  • I'm up for this.

    Apologies Grendel3 for not answering your message earlier the Forum is refusing to allow me to private message.

    In answer to your query I am uncertain of the course at present as we are all meeting for the first time Saturday for a trial run marshalling the Ipswich Park run followed by a test in Colchester the following week.

    Reading inbetween the lines I think the organisers are keen to get everyone up near the castle which will certainly mean a hill climb at some point. I am assuming at this stage the route won't be entirely dissimilar to the walk of life route which goes along the river at the bottom.

    Sorry for jumping over this thread but needs must and I appreciate this doesn't entirely, if at all answer your question image

  • Iam in and iam Running with my daughter for the first time.



  • Can I still enter this race online (tuesday2nd April 2013) as I cannot get a response from the Runner's World site

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    I have just checked the Braintree AC website - it doesn't appear to sat that the race is over subscribed but on line entires are directed back to the RW website -

  • I know a couple of other people that want to enter but it says closing Postal deadline Monday 1st April?  What about online.  For such a short run and as it's for charity surely people could just pay on the day! Bit strange.  It doesn't say it's at capacity!

  • How do you enter on here!! I cannot see where to enter details and pay for the race.. Help would be much appreciated x
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    The capacity is about 500 - I know there was a problem on the RW site earlier entering races in general. But, know it is only a 5 mile race - but it is the Essex 5 mile championship race which is possibly why it might reach the entry deadline.

    I have just found the entry limit is 600 not 500 and it entries on day will not be eligible for the Essex Championships.

  • Thank you! My fault for leaving it soo late to enter.
  • Hi all - race entry is now full. Sorry to any of you wanting to enter.

  • Myself and my Daughter enjoyed this today when will the results be up as i forgot to stop my Watch


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    eastham - you plonkerimage Well done to you and your daughter. I really enjoyed the race today image
  • Anyone know when the chip time results are posted?
  • I just found they put the winners up on their web page (about 20;30hrs), but no full results!! Looking on the web for any lists.


  • Hi - times have just come in from the timers. The Race Director will arrange for the full listings (those that wore chips) to be posted as soon as possible.

  • Thanx 4 the update Stu. Much appreciated.image

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