Anyone know a good website that you can use to pre-plan your running route?

Does anyone know a good website that I can use to pre-plan my running routes?

Ideally I'd like to plot a route say from my house and back in a 5 mile loop, 10 mile loop etc.



  • map my run is my choice


  • Another vote for mapmyrun - it even tells you the elevation along the route as well as distance and you can save your routes if you register (which is free), plus you can opt not to follow roads if you're mapping through a park etc.

  • Cheers guys will have a look at mapymyrun.

    Has anyone used Endomondo before to plan routes and if so is it any good?

  • Training Peaks works well, and takes uploads from Garmin Timex etc on e you have run.
  • is the one I use but have never tried the ones above, so they may be better.  I found another one recently that had loads of runs stored in the town I'm moving to.  Added it to my favourites and promptly lost it after laptop meltdown!  Found it on the Guardian running blog comments section though, so will go and see if I can find it again. 

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  • I've always used Google Earth. The path feature is great for calculating distances. I had about 8 different routes all of differing distances saved so I could load up whichever one was appropriate for what sort of distance I was looking to run.

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    +1 for mapmyrun.  I've also used Endomondo but IMO mapmyrun's more user friendly.  I've built up quite a database of routes on mine (geeeek)

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    I use which is probably pretty similar to the other sites mentioned. You can save routes, search other people's and also make yours private (important for me as most of mine start and end at my house).

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    Another for map my run.

    I went on holiday to the alps during my marathon training last year and was able to pre-plan my runs for the holiday and the knowledge about elevation really helped to know that I wasn't planning a run straight up a mountain.

    Also is equally as good.
  • Walkjogrun for pre plotting routes is great. Just started using Sports Tracker following advise on here for gps tracking which seems ok


  • Nessie73 wrote (see)

    +1 for mapmyrun.  I've also used Endomondo but IMO mapmyrun's more user friendly.  I've built up quite a database of routes on mine (geeeek)

    I have seven pages of routes image


  • I use you don't have to be a member it's optional, but you can save your runs in a public folder and then return to it. Does elevation etc as well.

    Wilkie - I'm impressed!!image

  • Mapmyrun fan here!

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