How to optimise your training

I'm an enthusiast runner but I like many sports. I work with various companies in the sports industry, the latest being The guys offer a solution that helps athletes to analyse their body reserves and train smarter based on their condition on the given day. 

I'm interested to learn how do you, a runner, optimise your training? Do you follow a schedule/program, do you change training based on how you feel, what other ways you use to make the most out of your training? Of course, feel free to give any kind of hint or tip you become a better athlete.


  • Great questions! 
    I've been focusing on muscle repair recently. I've found Spam a great solution to upping my protien intake.
    In between gulping down cans of Spam, i've been using this for monitoring my HRV.

    Not only is it totally awesome!!, but cheaper than the newer rivals.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I've gone off spam it makes me feel sick!
  • Hi Millsy1977 and Ian M,

    I didn't mean to spam or make thread for just promoting products (my own or others). I am genuinly curious about what runners think is an optimised training. I wanted to make sure I stated my background so my opinions could be taken with a caveat. Sorry if that offended you guys.

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