Ideal Starting Distance (ADVICE NEEDED)

Hi guys, 

As discussed in my previous thread I will be doing my first triathlon this summer. I am fairly confident in my running and cycling ability but I am new to swimming. My question is, which distance should i do for my first triathlon: sprint or olympic? The date is mid june so i still have a while to train. 

My swimming is poor but I have kept fitness ticking over through winter. My most recent sessions:

Swim: sets of 3x20m, 3x40m, 3x60m, 3x80m and 3x100m (not sure of pace just trying to improve technique and breathing)

Run: Treadmill 30min 7.2km Av. Gradient 1.5% Av. HR= 180bpm Av. Speed 14.4km/hr

Cycling: 100km average speed 23km/hr three hills (this was mid Jan)

Any adivce would be great. I am confident that i will be able to do the distance just the thought of doing them one after another is pretty daunting. 



  • Go straight for the oly distance... First off riding a 100k in 1 go non stop that's ample even enough for a half iron.

    Speed gradient etc on the treadmill bin that off and get outside but nice speed etc...

    Swimming is decent usually the downfall of a new triathlete... But a good amount... No doubt in my mind go Olympic do eeet!
  • Go straight to ironman. That's more of a challenge !
  • I wont be going straight to Ironman. Thanks Jamie, still not sure. Im out for 100k on bike again sunday. May do 5k run when i get back and see how i feel. Thanks for the advice.

  • If youre doing 100km rides in January - even if you do Olympic - its only 40km. It'll be a walk in the park ?
  • 100km rides @ 23kph, id need to increase speed a lot. Id rather try and do a good time over olympic or sprint. Plus i dont have the time to train for half ironman distance. I am a university student working on full time placement year with distance learning modules. Pretty cramped schedule until may.

    When i go back to university next year i will have more time so can swim in the morning before uni (where as i have an hour commute each way this year) and train in the night too. Therefore, if olympic goes well then ill consider 70.3 for summer 2014.



  • i would look at your strengths and see which distance would be more suited

    if you want to keep it short why not start with the sprint as it is cheaper usually and you can learn about the transisitions etc ...and see if you enjoy it

    but for me I'm useless at the transisitions so the shorter the race the more places i lose in the changing area

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