I've been chipping away

Popping by after a little break from the reading the forum; I've used the time away well spending most of it out running!  Far more productive use of my time.

I say running...still at a steady jog really.

I've not posted that much detail on here in the past so in summary:

  1. BMI 30, 4 - 5 stone over weight,
  2. Couldn't run for more than a minute
  3. Started off with C25K last August time
  4. Suffered with numb feet and painful legs/back
  5. Made a move to minimal shoes

Progress has been good since early January and moving to minimals, at that time I couldn't run more than a mile.  I'd never have dreamed that 3 months down the road my short runs are 2.5 miles, my 'normal' runs are 3.5 miles and my longest run is 5.26 miles.

For me keeping going through the not so great weather has been key. If I could manage through that then I could manage through anything!

I'm at the stage now where I don't really (ok usually) have to force myself out of the house and dare I say I really do enjoy it.  I'm now getting a kick out of the discomfort that comes with distance and the desire to keep on pushing and going futher.

I'm not going to win any races with a pace of around 13 mi/mile but I'm sure a pace will come with time.

Keep chipping away new runners and don't give up! 

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