Adrenaline GTS 13 - Opinions ?

Anyone bought a pair please ?

I've been running for last year in Adrenaline ASR8s - and they've been absolutely perfect (road and trail) - good enough that I bought 3 pairs.  The lack of bounce gets a bit more noticeable on longer runs though (half marathon and above) - I couldn't find any GTS11s left in my size so went for a pair of GTS13s.

They fit just fine - but after first run I noticed some annoying rubbing near the end of the tongue on my foot.

Basically - to me it feels like there are 2 nodules protuding from the ends of the tongue, so if you can imagine the tongue - it has a slight raised edge all along it- all fine - but furthest towards the toes - at the ends - it feels like 2 nodules.  Left and right shoe about the same.

Can't feel anything of the such in my ASRs, nor my Asics 2160s.

I've no other 13s to compare to - so are these pair made wrong - or is this how the 13s are now ?  They felt ok when I first tried them on.

thanks, Mark.

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