Training in race shoes?

I have recently bought saucony a3 race shoes and absolutely love them. Should I be training in them? If not, can anyone recommend a similar style with more structure?


  • I'd not race in any shoe that I didn't know suited me.

    Ok if it's lightweight if not do all my sessions in them - but I'd usually do up to race distance a few times.
  • I have run in them for the last few weeks and just raced the Paris half in them on Sunday. I just don't know whether I should be using them on a daily training basis? They're very lightweight and not good in puddles!
  • I'd save them for best then.

    Most of my runs are in trail shoes. Sturdy and cheap.

    I might not have fussy feet though.
  • If you aren't having any problems with them and can afford to replace your shoes more quickly, why not?

  • i've found that i get injured if i train constantly in race shoes. i love the adios and never have problems racing or doing a weekly speed session in them, but training day in day out ends up in some time on the bench

  • I train and race in the same shoes. Never thought about having a race day only pair.

  • Thanks for your input. I am doing a club run tonight in the rain so I'll be using my old asics rather than getting wet feet. The only problem is that they have caused me a bit of a knee twinge which is why I was so happy that the saucony suited me. I think I need to go to a specialist shop to see which training shoes are comparable to the saucony a3 racing ones.

    I had hoped someone on the forum might be able to suggest a similar style but for training runs. Either that or I become a dry weather runner!!!!
  • racing flats are similar to minimalist shoes which could be an alternative for training. There's nothing wrong with wearing racing flats but they will wear out quicker as they're not designed for such high usage. But if you've got the cash, they feel comfortable and you don't get injured wearing them then don't let me or anyone else tell you not to!

  • I race in adizero adios 2s, but train in Supernova Glide 4s. I do throw in a few runs in the adios 2s a week or two before races, however.

  • All my shoes are racers and apart from two pairs reserved for racing they are all used for training.

    I've got some new ones with 100 miles on them, a relatively new pair at 400 miles ("racers" 60 miles each) then 2@ 1000+, 3@ 1500+ 1@ 2000+ miles.

    Some of the high mileage ones are looking very tatty but that is no reason to throw them out, they still do the job that is asked of them. I raced last Saturday in the 2k+ Asics and ran another 20 miles this week in them and if they're dry I'll race in them tomorrow, so it's a falacy that they don't last. (I'm no lightweight racing snake either 6'2" 13 stone)

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