Oakley 20 spare place for 2013

I have one, (possibly two) places for the Oakley 20 that I can no longer run in. (Gutted, really wanted the hoodie). They do allow number transfers so its all above board. If anyone would like these places I would just like reimbursing what I paid. Thanks.


  • Karen...is your entry still available, if so im interested 

  • Hi Paul, yes it's still available. I have a place and I also know someone else who has a place too if you wanted two places. The organisers are happy to transfer the numbers By 9:30 on race day as long as you have the race number etc. I paid ??22 for my place as I am affiliated bu my fiend isn't so she paid ??25 let me know what you want to do. Thanks .
  • Hi Karen, my email is gordon366@btinternet.com, i'll take the affiliated place...thanks  

  • Still one place available if any one wants it.
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