Constantly fluey and cold

Just entered my 1st half marathon (Great North Run) -excited but nervous as I do suffer from sore knees which really ache when i get to about 10K.

However, I am getting cold after cold -every 2/3 weeks i am coming down with a major cold and flu symptoms. Not just runny nose -its on my chest and I struggle to breathe -hot and dizzy -feels like flu.

Ive recently lost 5 stone in weight and have neve "felt so good" -which is really ironic as ive never felt so ill. I eat really well and healthy -take lots of added vitamins -wrap up for the weather when im out running (early mornings mostly) and i do think i look after myself. Because of my sore knees im not running far -only about 5K 3 times a week and a 10K weekends for now -and im resting in between.I really want to build my mileage up but every time im ill its knocking me back.


Advice please. This is really getting me down.



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