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Hi all, this is my first ever post here, been running for just over a year. I was at 10k level, ran a 10k race in 53 minutes the first weekend in February. Then I got called in for an operation on my ear and ran again for the first time this week - three weeks off running in total. I ran for 30 mins very slowly on Tuesday and all seemed OK, so I think I can get back into training now.

I was supposed to be training for a 10-mile race on 7th April. I don't care what time I do, but I'd like to run the whole thing. Is this realistic, and what's the best approach? Just work on my stamina, building up long runs, or should I still do some speed work?

Any advice appreciated! Thanks very much.


  • as time isn't important i would avoid speedwork unless you love it and just concentrate on building up mileage again....

    can you wait to decide till a few weeks time.some people recover better than others.....with a good 10k time like that under your belt hopefully you  will be able to do it..see how the next 2 weeks go

     good luck

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    I would not think three weeks out would make too much of a difference if your training has been focused on the race for a while. Anything might have caused three weeks out (e.g.flu' or a calf pull) and you would have just accepted it.

    More important is that whatever surgery you had to your ear is allowed to heal as intended. You don't want to have or make worse any hearing or balance problems you might have from the bouncing and jarring of running..  I hope you have your Consultants O.K. 

    Best of luck

  • Thanks both for the advice. I don't feel as though I'm still at 10k level - but that might just be the lardy feeling induced by 3 weeks of lying on the sofa. I think long (very) slow runs is the answer.

    I wasn't given specific advice from the hospital on running (I know, I should have asked), but the general advice seems to be take it easy for the first couple of weeks, and after that avoid strenuous activity (lifting weights specifically) or anything that will put pressure on the eardrum (ie diving or flying). So I figure running will be OK - as long as I'm not sprinting maybe!

    Thanks again.

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