Upper leg pain in beginner runner

I started running after Christmas, with the aim of doing Manchester 10k in May.

Have been doing a couch to 10k programme, but can't seem to progress more than 2 or 3 weeks of the programme at a time without having to rest for a week because of niggling leg pain.

Firstly it was right leg and inner thigh/ groin strain. I rested then I went to a specialist running shop, got proper running shoes (after gait analysis), seemed to settle down.

A couple of week later, leg pain again (left leg this time)- pain varies between groin strain, or in front of leg or to outer side of knee. Have rested for over a week, stretched (including with foam roller) during this rest week, but went for first training session last night....its bothering me again this morning (although less so).

Just can't seem to shake it but really don't want to give up on running yet! 

Any advice welcome...


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