Saddle sore!

Can anyone help???  I have spent alot of time on my turbo trainer over the winter, with many hours a week on the tri bars.  I am now so sore with rows of blood blisters on both sides of crease of leg I am rapidly falling out of love with my bike!

 I have a prologo WSD saddle which I have been using for a couple of years. (The problems got worse since I increased the number of hours training and started using the tri bars more)  I replaced my shorts buying  a more expensive Campaganlo pair. (my tri shorts are Louis Garnaux)  I use Assos chamois cream.   The problem got so bad that I had to go to the doctor whos only suggestion was to have a couple of months off!!!  Not really an option, and I think that even if I was to take a break the problem would only flare up again as soon as I get back on my bike.

I have looked online at reviews on saddles at Wiggle and Evans, I can't really afford to spend alot of money trying out new saddles.

Can any of you ladies out there help????? advice on shorts or saddles would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you....


  • I'll get shot for this but since you added the tri bars have you had a bike fit? If you're not in the right position you're going to get saddle sores with any saddle. Also have you ridden out on the roads yet? Road riding is so different to Turbo you might (fingers corssed etc) find out your fine as you are on the roads?
    You could also take a break to let things heal and then carefully use surgical spirits to toughen the skin up before you restart. Although I can understand you not wanting tough skin in those areas too.

    Lastly I poitn you to this thread, it might not help but it will make you laugh

  • Also, are you spending the full time on the aero bars.  Out on the road this won't happen, you will have times when you're off the bars, moving around, with minor adjustments, which could give some relief.

  • Is this in the crease at the front of your leg, top of the thigh? 

  • agree with AB and MTri - you need to vary your rides and ride position

    as for saddles, that can be a lifelong search for the best - we are all very different.  and you don't necessarily "need" a woman's specific saddle - my missus gets on better with a standard (aka bloke's) saddle.

    take a look at the ISM Adamo saddles - many now swear by them - my missus included. they take the pressure off the perineal area with the cutout and put the weight onto your pelvic bones.  they do take time to get set up correctly and get used to a different pressure point.


  • Def try an adamo.  I have now 'forced' at least 4 peeps into trying these and no-one has looked back - even after one ride.  

  • GA - which one do you use?

  • I have the prologue on my tt and the typhoon on my road bike.  My fav is the typhoon - brilliant saddle.  THe prologue is supposed to be better for the TT postition. So far I have only ridden the prologue on the turbo but I think it's going to be great - 3 hours with no damage (although it's never going to be a sofa).



  • And finally - Googled, but not many places seem to have these saddles?  Where should I look?


  • I got mine from ebay as did my hubbie.  I did email them a few times for advice on which one to try.  A mate of mine got his from somewhere else and they sent him a demo to try. - I will ask where and get back to when I find out.

  • Thanks, GA - that's very helpful.  

    My saddle is not massively UNcomfortable, but there's certainly room for improvement. image



    They sent my pal a trial saddle and when he immediatley loved it - then he paid.  They are on special offer at the minute apparently.


    Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

  • +1 for tje Ism typhoon. my missus uses that and finds it comfier / softer than the road model i use
  • Sounds stupid but are you using a fan when your on your trainer, as basically you build up a shit load of sweat and obviously is gonna pool down there, being on the road this obviously doesn't happen so much due to the wind etc.... This could be the problem!
  • thanks to everyone for all the advice/ideas so far!  thinking about investing in a ISM Adamo although not sure which would be best.

    Will try the fan 'cause I do sweat quite alot!!

    I also think that where I have lost a bit of weight my shorts may be moving a bit, tri shorts with less padding seem to be more comfy.

    Any other advice still welcome! .... Thanks

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I'd definitely use a fan on the turbo - not so much for stopping saddle sores but you'll find you can put out more power so you'll get more out of your training.   Get something powerful - £40 or so upwards - well worth the money and it means you drip less sweat on your bike too and sweat can really kill headsets and other components.   

    As for the original problem - I think everyone is right - combination of shorts and saddle are the key things.   Well fitting bib shorts are definitely the way forward but sometimes a narrower saddle can help - depends exactly where the problem is really.   

    Impressive use of the turbo though - hours on the tri bars is the way to do it if you've got the mental strength - sadly these days I haven't!    

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