Motion control Running Shoes

So my last 3 pairs have trainers have been motion control trainers (Asics gel 8,9 and 10). But I just read an article saying that these are actually bad for your feet and make you pronate more. Very confused and slightly concerned, are they actually that bad or   is propoganda by barefoot/minimal runners? 


  • Did they work for you ?

    And why did you buy them in the first place ?
  • Got gait tested and they were recommended. They seem to work, although I suffer with ITBS regularly, though my physio has said this is down to my hips, tight muscles etc. I am going to get my gait checked again and see what they say, but would like to hear opinions on whether they are potentially causing me harm.

  • Your physio didn't seem to think they were causing harm, and if you hadn't read an article you wouldn't even have thought about it
  • Asics don't make a shoe called Gel !!

    Asics Gel Kayano, Asics Gel Fuji, Asics Gel Evolution etc

    Gel is what's in the sole of the shoe

  • Oops missed out the word foundation, my mistake. 

  • Thanks for pointing out my error, i look forward to your input.

  • don't believe everything you read in the press

    ITBS issues can happen with any shoes, any gait - it's not the shoes it's the person's body causing the issues.

    fundamentally - if the shoe ain't broke and you ain't broke (within reason) stick with what you know

    no doubt the barefoot mafia will disagree somehow

  • +1 I think FB has nailed it

  • Another vote for Fat Buddha.  Ignore the fashionistas who zealously claim that all shoes are 'foot coffins' and are deisgned to actually hurt you in order to propagate the market for support shoes.  I have minimalist shoes and support shoes - for different types of running.  Both are good, but I am not a disciple of either - neither will save my soul nor eat me while I sleep.  

    If you are getting along with your shoes, stick with them.

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