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    Demon Barber - do you mean running shortish stretches uphill as fast as you can? Uphill interval training? If you come down carefully I don't think it is all that likely to injure you. Running fast downhill is far more dangerous, I'd say, because of the increased impact on the joints. 
    I'd agree that the body seems to get used to longish steady running, and after a while you hardly seem to lose any weight at all. And of course, a couple of cream buns will cancel the whole thing out anyway! So I believe that extreme care with eating is crucial.

    I wouldn't quite say "as fast as you can" but at a high tempo. I use Hill sprinting in my training to build strength and I haven't been injured. I agree, it's a case of just being careful and coming down the hill gently obviously not hammering up and down!!

  • Another shout out for myfitnesspal. Try logging everything that you eat even for a couple of weeks, it's definately an eye opener and should show where you are going wrong.

    Stick to making everything from fresh produce and cut out all the refined carbs and processed meat, limit your alcohol intake, nuts, seeds, "healthy" oils and you can't fail to lose weight

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    Thanks for all the advice, but I am doing just fine now

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