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I completed my first half marathon 2 days ago in 2:16. I was fine for the first 9 miles until I noticed a severe pain coming from the arch of my foot (I am flat footed). I stopped to walk for a bit, thinking it would help but it just made things worse to run again.

Having a look at my pictures, other than the pained expressions. I have noticed I am doing some mammoth heel striking. I am aware I do this but can't seem to work out how to strike with my forefoot, without running on tip toes.

Just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and could share some tips in teaching myself to run with better form.


  • chi-running - google it - buy the book - book yourself on a course - you will never look back. image promise.

  • If you want something simple, you may wish to try and gradually introduce barefoot strides of between 20m and 50m at a brisk pace, but not sprinting. You'll find it impossible to heel strike and for me, was a simple method to running more efficiently. Perhaps start with 5/6 before one of your weekly runs and build up over a few months to 2/3 times a week. You'll still find yourself heel striking especially when tired if that's your natural gait, but should help to the point of reducing injury.


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    Because you heel strike it does not mean that you run with poor form. heel striking is not bad or to be shunned. Most runners heel strike, it's normal.

    If you want to forefoot strike then you need to start learning to run from scratch. Forefoot striking is hard on both the calves and the feet. (When I say hard I mean you will need to improve flexibility and foot strength rather than taking a pounding).


  • Thanks guys,


    I think the reason I need to change is injury. My knees and hips take a beating. Not to mention my feet!! Just an update- apparently I might have Tarsal Coalition. 

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