Get your kit off!

What is worn for the swim/bike/run for longer distance? I'm used to wearing a tri suit the whole way around, but I guess that changing tents are there for a reason and that I should be changing in to something different at some point..

What do ye all wear? 

I'm doing the Outlaw Half btw. Hopefully is some part as a pirate if I can beg, steal or borrow bits by then. But I will need advice on what or I could end up with just wearing my winter buff as a tri dress.   


  • it's up to you whether you want to change kit - some do, some don't

    the changing tents are also there to out bike and run specific kit on - shoes, helmets, shades etc as you're not allowed to keep these next to your bike racking spot.

    you'll get different bags for run and bike so you put what you need in them

  • Sometimes there is a tent within a tent.


    Main tent is for as FB states above.


    Additional 'tent' within is if you need to get completely naked, change of shorts etc

  • I should also say that not all events have changing tents - they tend to be confined to longer distance races where space in transition can be at a premium and with perhaps more than a 1000 taking part, then bloody messy and unworkable if kit was at racking spots!  

    bags work as follows

    3 bags - bike, run, street

    rock up with bike and run bags with kit you need for each leg, deposit street clothes in street bag, hang all 3 bags on racking spot corresponding with race number and toodle off to the swim with swim kit.

    out of swim, grab bike bag and put bike kit on and put swim kit in this bag  - deposit bag - it will be rehung for you.

    off bike, grab run bag, put run kit on, put bike kit in bag and deposit as above.

    finish event and grab all 3 bags from haning spot, change into street clothes - go get pissed  image

    some events only provide bike and run bags so you have to work out something else for street kit - friend, family etc.


  • The additional tent within a tent may well be missing if you are attending a continental event as they are slightly more relaxed about these things.  I remember from Flyaway's IMDE report that she clocked me coming into T2 and chose to avoid the changing area at the same time as me.  I was so zoned at the time that it only struck me some 10 minutes into the run that the (naked) arse that had been no more than 4 foot from my nose in T2 (I was sat down) was not of the male variety.

    There is photographic evidence (Smiffy at Norseman) that sometimes even the tent is missing.  

    Some people prefer bike specific shorts when racing long distance, if your undercarriage is suitably case hardened this shouldn't be necessary.

  • M..TRIumphant wrote (see)

    Sometimes there is a tent within a tent.


    Main tent is for as FB states above.


    Additional 'tent' within is if you need to get completely naked, change of shorts etc

    But I take it no-one bats an eye if you strip butt-naked without a wee tent?

  • To be honest I don't bother changing much even for ironman, I would suggest using a two piece for longer events.... Oh socks for the run is niceimage
  • What is a wee tent?  Is it so you can squat on the ground with no-one seeing? image

  • have supported me too many timesimage

  • You taught me a much used trick, actually image

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    What is a wee tent?  

    Closest we've got to indoor loos up here in the wilderness ...

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